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I just took in a talk that could change everyone in Western Canada's life. 

Today I had the chance to listen in to John Furlong, former VANOC CEO at a virtual Vancouver Board of Trade event, about an opportunity that really got me dreaming; #BC2030.

This season we’ve all had to stay close to home, we’ve skied our local slopes and are so appreciative that the lifts kept turning. As we head into 2021, we @SnowSeekers would like to challenge you to start dreaming again.

It's time to start dreaming of your 2022 ski season; thinking about who you’re going to take along your next powder-filled road trip and thinking about the new adventures in store for next winter.

As we know, this past year has been full of nightmares – snow seekers it’s time we all start dreaming again.

When is the last time you took yourself somewhere in your mind that wasn’t dealing with a current world situation? Dreams are interesting things and can take anyone to places – to places we’ve never dreamed!

Check out some of these dream inspirers for us here @Seekers. It’s folks like this that allowed our country to grow and come together in ways that leave a legacy of community.

Jon Montgomery – Olympic Gold Medalist, and host with the most @AmazingRaceCanada

Olympic Gold & Silver medalist Jenn Heil talks with SnowSeekers/Travel Alberta from 2010 about the power of dreams!

These are names we know because they dreamed big, allowing us to take ourselves to a place we never thought we could go – and all without leaving our chair.

Vancouver Olympics 2010
Remember this?

So as you dream about next season,  do you have a dream of where you’ll be in under a decade? How many different ski slopes will you have skied or ridden by 2030? The power of being outside in the winter, exercising and taking in those views that allow us to step out of the present day, and to think of nothing but the moment. I like that feeling.

Over the next few years, there will be massive recovery, for our tourism and entertainment industry, to name just two. We need dreamers right now to inspire us to do better; to build back better and to be the world’s best at whatever dream that keeps us moving forward.

It’s rad to think about who our next inspiration engine will be, those who will guide us into a future where challenges can be overcome. Its figures like this that challenge us to innovate and think of how we can do better, both for ourselves and for our community.

Jon Montgomery #todreamagain #2030
Canadian Skeleton racer Jon Montgomery.

We @Seekers like to think of you, our audience, as people who dream and make it happen, whether it’s experiencing epic festivals, skiing those slopes, paddling that great Canadian lake or hiking that old-forest trail.

In the game of life, Western Canada is a leader in so many ways while also being a home to some of the best skiing and riding on the planet. This is a place where dreamers who want to become ski guides can make it happen or live out the fantasy of moving to a ski hill for a season.

Check out the IOC’s full report in the games in this fact sheet.

The power of dreams changes the flow of time, they allow challenges to be solved, technologies to be developed and new ways of getting things done. 

Some will say, “you are not allowed to dream for the stars,” or “you can only ski a green run, you’ll never be able to ski a black diamond.” But every day we commit to getting better on the slopes, more confident with our bodies, our minds and our focus. 

That commitment, this dream of being better takes you places, whether that is on the slopes, or into your future.

#ToDreamAgain, don’t you think it’s time? Join us; let’s welcome the return of the Winter Olympics to BC and dream for 2030.

Seekers Media is following the journey, one we will deliver to you with a dedicated #BC2030 e-newsletter. Sign up today for regular updates and stay connected on a 2030 dream that could become reality.

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