B.C. 2030: Let’s make this happen twice in a lifetime

If there was a soundtrack playing while you read this story, it would be Eminem’s Lose Yourself:“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”

In November 2018, our company had the contract to throw the party for when #Calgary2026 gained public approval to go forward with its 2026 Winter Olympic bid. It was a party never thrown. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments in SnowSeekers’ history. 

Now is the time for us to come together to prove in Western Canada that good things can come twice and that you can get a second shot. Work on Vancouver's bid for the 2030 Games has been underway for about 18 months, on the heels of the 10th anniversary of the 2010 Games.

Miss604 Vancouver 2010 Olympics - Quatchi mascot
Canada’s top blogger and long time Seekers contributor @Miss604 got her big break from the 2010 Games.

Have your say on 2030 Games

Snow seekers, this is your chance to be heard, to help build a sustainable Vancouver 2030 Games that, like in 2010 sparks inspiration and innovation at every turn with the potential of being a powerful post-COVID catalyst for the economy and spirit of B.C.

Vancouver and Western Canada's opportunity to re-welcome the Winter Olympics is gaining ground across the province.

So, here’s your invitation to let Vancouver City Council know what you think of the return of the Games and why “Beyond2010” should be a priority. Check out this City Council Link to have your voice heard.

Successes of Vancouver 2010

There’s no question, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics resulted in an epic array of economic spin-offs. Many point to a deal by SONY Studios to open up a studio in Vancouver in 2011, after being hosted during the games by the Economic Development folks working behind the scenes. That was the spark to the momentum for the B.C movie industry now worth $4.1B (In 2009, the film business was worth $1.3 Billion to the province).

In 2009 B.C.’s tourism industry was worth $10B a year, 10 years later, in 2018 it grew to $20.5B.

Money is not the only dividend the Vancouver 2010 Games yielded. The new Sea to Sky Highway, a new monorail line to the airport, and a template that made reconciliation positive waves around the world. Vancouver 2010 is not only seen as the most business successful Games, but also the first games in which Indigenous Nations were recognized as Games partners.

Chris Wheeler Vancouver 2010 Olympics Videographer Torch Relay
Canada’s top social media video producer and long-time Seekers contributor @ApresWheeler, got his big break producing Olympic Torch relay YouTube videos.

What do the Games mean to you as a Canadian?

I took the opportunity to write to City Council this morning about why SnowSeekers’ stories like this keeps us stoked about the role winter sport plays in the community. In this story, Sandy Ward talks of her passion for outdoor connections and how it important it was for her to be on B.C.’s Indigenous Snowboard Team. That passion has grown into a template for helping Indigenous women heal through skiing and snowboarding

Think of what the Games meant to you as a Canadian and how Vancouver 2010 helped us embrace our Canadian-ness. If you need more reasons to for why the 2010 Games were so important to our country:

Here are some Vancouver 2010 quick facts

  • Record digital coverage of the Games - promoting Western Canada to the world 
  • More doping controls than ever at an Olympic Winter Games 
  • Transportation legacy with an increased number of riders on public transport 
  • Nearly all Canadians watched the Vancouver Games 
  • A sports legacy that encourages physical activity at all levels 
  • Strong environmental and sustainability legacy 
  • New jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars injected into the local economy

Check out the IOC’s full report in the games in this fact sheet.

So, are you ready to step into the light with us and help all those friends and family realize winter is more than basement drinking with Hockey Night in Canada.

In Fall 2018, Seekers worked with a collection of Western Canadian visionaries on the potential of Calgary rehosting the games in 2026. That quest to see Calgary bid might have failed, so we are now out to prove Eminem wrong – in life you can get TWO shots.

Whether you are from Vancouver or not, let Vancouver’s City Council know why #Vancouver2030 makes sense for you. Click on this City Council link to have your voice heard.

Let’s go get it, #Vancouver2030 #todreamagain

And if you need any more motivation to see the excitement and energy around #Vancouver2010, check out this YouTube Video - SnowSeekers first shot in making YouTube videos back in 2010....we sure had a lot to work with! 


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