Snowshoeing in Edmonton

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Escape into Edmonton’s winter wonderland


EDMONTON, ALTA. — For many, winter is all about getting outside and having fun. From shredding powder in the mountains to stepping onto the ice at your local rink for a game of shinny, winter offers an amazing number of activities to take part in. One activity that is ever popular is snowshoeing; it’s super easy to do, lots of fun, and a great workout. Edmonton happens to have some really sweet snowshoeing spots to check out and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get to them.

Finding a location and gear

First step is to decide where to go. The best places to snowshoe have lots of fresh snow for you to romp around on. So if it is dumping snow on a Friday night, you can count on pretty much every city park being a prime local come Saturday morning. If it’s been a while since we have been blanketed with the white stuff, then I suggest you hit one of Edmonton’s city-run golf courses.

They are the perfect place to find fields of powder and beautiful vistas as you cruise the links. You can also check-out the City of Edmonton website for more snowshoeing locations, or if you feel like making a road trip you can head out to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre east of Edmonton.

Second, where to gear up? If you are looking to try before you buy, then your best bet to rent gear is from Mountain Equipment Co-op or Totem Outfitters in Edmonton and the Strathcona Wilderness Centre. If you are looking to pick up your own pair, then you can hit almost any sporting goods store and they will have a few options for you to consider.

Tips and tricks

Third up, tips and tricks. One thing people don’t realize is what great exercise snowshoeing is. They usually wear too much clothing and end up over-heating. For the first-time snowshoer, it is wise to dress in layers and wear a wind-proof/water-proof outer layer that will shed the snow you will be kicking up. For footwear a hiking boot or insulated winter boot with a high cuff is a great choice. You may also want to look into a boot gaiters to keep the snow out. 

Beyond that, carrying some water and a snack will keep you on track for a good time. As a courtesy, it is important to stay clear of groomed and track-set Nordic ski trails to prevent pitting the trail with your snowshoes.

Finally, who to go with. Snowshoeing is for everyone, so grab your friends or family to join you on a winter adventure. If you are looking for something organized, then check-out the Storm Snowshoe Series. The Storm Series offers four snowshoeing events in January and February throughout Edmonton’s River Valley. For the first-timer there are 4 km Storm Tours and for the fit crowd there are 8 km Storm Runs. The events are family-friendly and a great way to meet people and experience Edmonton’s Winter Wonderland.

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