Skoki Lodge steals your heart

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It's takes effort to get there, but it's so easy to love


Luxury in the backcountry? Hard to imagine those two things go together so well. But at Skoki Lodge, luxury isn’t an understatement.

The lodge is the first Canadian Ski Club lodge and is now a historical site that doubles as an explorer’s haven. It is nestled into the side of Skoki Mountain and is just an 11-kilometre ski tour, snowshoe or cross-country ski away from the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

Recognized for its rare combination of cozy old fashion charm, delicious gourmet meals and impeccable hospitality, Skoki Lodge is a rare find.

The charming Skoki Lodge enveloped in snow makes a cosy basecamp for backcountry skiing.
All photos by Abby Cooper 

One of the big draws at Skoki is the freshly made food awaiting after a day on the trails.

The food is a big part of the Skoki experience. From two-course breakfasts with sweet, fresh and savoury options to daily fresh baked cookies for lunch, Skoki will never leave you feeling hungry. Every afternoon at 2 p.m. teatime arrives and it’s something you don’t want to miss. The aroma of freshly made coffee arrives the same time as the cheese platter and bites are displayed on the dish-up table in the natural afternoon light that beams through the window. Homemade soup is placed on the wood stove for you to dish at your convince. Teatime is a time to relax and indulge your taste buds. Dinners are deliciously filling with a variety of warm and hearty dishes to try. Don't ever skip the scrumptious bread.

The trek to the lodge offers up dramatic scenery along the way.

Arriving at the lodge is a breathtaking journey and it’s not from the 11-km trek in. The sights are jaw-dropping in all directions. The well-marked route will guide you through treed valleys, across a wide lake and over two mountain passes. Each corner and hill opens new views. On the way, keep an eye out for the hidden glaciers in the distance, the Half Way Hut and views of the enormous Mt. Temple.

You'll have a true back-country experience while at Skoki Lodge. 

My priority was to get in a few fresh lines, which happened on the way to the lodge, but I craved more! The lodge hosts were more than happy to point me in the right direction of the best snow and explain the safest route to access them. They informed other guests on worthy viewpoints to check out, as well as cross-country skiing loops. The recommendations were on point; the snow, views and access were amazing. Skoki Lodge is the ultimate hub for any backcountry experience seeker.

The ambiance at Skoki Lodge will make you fall in love with its rustic charms. 

At night, friends gather to play games by candlelight and oil-lit lanterns as the cozy fire flickers in the background. Regardless of the time of day, Skoki feels warm and welcoming. It’s a place that takes a few hours to reach, but in an instant it steals your heart. The historic photos on the wall, the books in the library and the artifacts that adorn the fireplace give real meaning to the passion of skiing that inspired the creation of such a special place.

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