SnowSeekers Season 15 Look Back

We asked the #SnowSeekers community to share some of their favourite moments and memories from the 2023/2024 season.

The stoke is real.

As SnowSeekers wraps up its 15th season hitting the slopes and celebrating all things winter in Western Canada we’re so glad to have you all along for the ride.

Cheers to you, #SnowSeekers! We’re already looking forward to next season and new memories to be made.

Lana Richardson
From Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals

“One of the coolest things we have seen. Big White Ski Resort, on an extremely cold day in January, Fata Morgana illusion above the Cascades. Thought the Game of Thrones Ice wall had been constructed!”

Fata Morgana illusion above the Cascades above Big White Ski Resort by Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals
Doc Pow

“Any days where you come out looking like this are the best! There weren’t too many days like this, this past season but this one in early March was pretty skookum!”

Doc Pow with a snow beard in early March



Dustin Cyganik

“It may of been one of the worst seasons for snow this year but the Drifter Snowbikes crew made the most of it Slaying Lake Louise and Sunshine Village for a week long Roadtrip classic Drifter style! Featuring Dustin Cyganik, David Murchison, Shawn Lee and Liam Mulrooney”


Snowbikes crew at Lake Louise by Dustin Cyganik

Madeline Williams

"Despite being a later start this year, it was one of the best opening days in recent years in my books. The base set up really nicely for a great pow day opening at Phoenix Mountain"

“2nd favourite day of the season was a beauty pow March 1st at Baldy Mountain Resort”

Gleb Bobrov

“A few moments of the season…

Sunshine end of March and the beginning of April, Revelstoke on January 7, Lake Louise on April 5.

It was a great season!

And yes, all days are the part of our powder chasing journeys. Hence, what happening is, we are eating a lot of snow”

Ash Reynolds 
Jon Williams

“My self as the filmer on the insta 360 cam 👊🏼

At Revelstoke! Perfect timing of being there with the best pow! Was so sweet!”

Snowboarder enjoying a pow day
Snowboarder enjoying a pow day
Sue Shih

“No better way to spend my 50th birthday with K3 cat ski , BC, January 6 2024
50cm over 48 hours, best crew ever!! “

Photo: Tim McAllister
K3 cat ski from one of our guides Tim McAllister IG @bugaboo_mountain_guides

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