Second annual Easter ski quiz

above: Balloon Glow at Vernon Winter Carnival, Western Canada's longest running winter fest

Last year, we introduced our first "Easter egg hunt" for ski trivia, new things and cool spots on Alberta and BC ski hills. And it was so much fun, we're doing it again! 

Like "Easter eggs" hidden in movies, there are all kinds of little curiosities, hidden gems and cool facts about ski resorts in the west.

Put yourself to the test: take this quiz to see if you can find these Easter eggs and claim bragging rights for your Western Canada ski hill knowledge.

“Easter Eggs” at AB & BC Ski Resorts

First up, if you didn't try last year's mega quiz, you can check that out here.

This year, to make things simpler, it's one point per answer—either you get it or  you don't. Keep score and see how many you can get!

Then, click on the link in the question or read to the bottom for the answers. 

1. What is the name of Marmot Basin's newly opened terrain for 2022-23?

This year Marmot Basin opened new expert terrain in the upper section of the mountain, above the Knob Chair. Name that terrain. (You can read more about the new terrain, including the terrain name, here.)

2. This fairy tale resort used to be a stop along the sled dog mail route... 

Yes, fact: in certain parts of northern BC, mail used to be delivered by sled dog. 

Some years, it still is... 

Also, a terrain expansion is in the works, potentially as soon as 2023-24. 

Read the story here to learn about the where, how, why and what's cool about the scene at this #SkiNorthBC gem.

3. Can you find an Underwear Tree?

OK, this question is a repeat from last year but it's a classic.

Seekers correspondent Tyler Dixon fancies himself a bit of an expert on this one: he wrote a history of the phenomenon, detailing some of the familiar locations of these trees. (It’s in the suggested reads below, for after.)

4. Where is the newest chair to be announced in the West?

Just announced this April 2023, work is already underway on a new high speed, detachable quad scheduled to begin spinning at this resort for November 2024.

5. Where is the longest ski season in Western Canada?

We know you're probably keen to keep skiing right into May, and we have the details on where to do it. There are a couple acceptable answers here, name one to give yourself a point for this question.

6. Where is the red phone? 

This is one of those newer easter eggs, one that is still only becoming known around the mountains. Straight up, IYKYK (if you know, you know).

New in 2022-23, this mountain added to the experience by installing sustainable art made from recycled ski materials (such as backcountry skins) on several of its runs as part of its #masterpiste gallery.

Where is it?  

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7. Alberta's Golden Triangle is a snowmobile trail connecting which three destinations?

Okay, not technically skiing but for winter adventure, this epic 350-kilometre trail is worth knowing. Hint: one of the three towns was named Alberta's top sled town for 2023 in SnoRider's Sledtown Showdown! 

8. Where are these photos taken?

Check out this selection of photos from some of our favourite moments and see how many of these places you can name. Take a point for each.

SilverStar Mountain Resort
Castle Mountain Resort
Hudson Bay Mountain
Hallis Lake Nordic Area Quesnel BC
Nakiska Ski Area
9. Do you know where to find the trapper’s cabin?

Another repeat, but a goodie: after putting the Easter Egg question to our #seekersambassador crew, Shaun Hutt and Sue Shih both wrote in to share about an old trappers cabin that still resides on one of Alberta’s ski hills. 

“I was there in March of '21,” wrote Hutt. “Still standing. We usually clean up the empties and bag ‘em while we stop in there.”

10. Where can you do the Ski Out?

Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. You’ve had a big day of shredding and it’s the end of the day at the resort, but you’re not quite done so you’re gonna ride to the end. 

We only know of two official ski outs where you can ski from the resort back to a location below the base of the ski area itself. Do you know them? 

Give yourself a bonus point for each of the ski-outs you’ve skied before.

The ski out is always the end of the day, and it’s also the end of our quiz. 

Want to see how you did?


  1. Marmot Cirque, Marmot Basin, Jasper AB
  2. Troll Resort, Quesnel/Wells BC
  3. Underwear Tree locations:
    Marmot Basin - under Knob and Eagle Ridge chairs
    Sunshine Village - under Angel Chair (plus other locations?)
    Lake Louise - Paradise Chair
    There are more out there! If you know, you know. If you like, pop over to Facebook and let us know where yours is!
  4. Sun Peaks West Bowl Express Chairlift
  5. Sunshine Village or Whistler Blackcomb
  6. The red phone and #masterpiste gallery can be found at Revelstoke Mountain Resort - read more here
  7. Alberta's Golden Triangle connects Whitecourt, Swan Hills & Fox Creek.
    1. The colourful village at SilverStar Mountain Resort.
    2. Entrance to the chutes at Castle Mountain.
    3. Skiing through the cabins, above the clouds at Hudson Bay Mountain Resort.
    4. Cross-country skiing at Hallis Lake Nordic Ski Area, Quesnel. 
    5. Beginner area with a view at Nakiska Ski Area.
  9. Sunshine Village (old trapper's cabin off Jackrabbit Chair)
  10. Official ski-outs can be found at Hudson Bay Mountain Resort and Sunshine Village. Get the local line on Hudson Bay Mountain in this article.

Bonus story: read Tyler Dixon's history of the underwear tree for some deep ski trivia. 


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