Five top Lake Louise runs to get your shred on

Five runs? Just five?! Choosing my top five runs at Lake Louise Ski Resort that capture the feel and flow of the place was no easy feat.

After all, Lake Louise is the largest resort in the Canadian Rockies and features varied terrain suitable for all skill and ability levels. With 1,700 hectares of skiable terrain spread across four mountain faces and boasting 164 named runs, narrowing it down to just five was an enormous challenge. 

But this was my assignment. Whether your time is spent on one plank or two, a day ripping the slopes often ends in this age-old debate. And researching and reliving the experiences is always worthwhile.

So, after much internal dialogue, here are my personal favs!

My top 5 Lake Louise runs 

1. The Warm Up
Lake Louise AB Eagle run entrance Tyler Dixon
Photo: Tyler Dixon
Start the day at Lake Louise with a leg warm-up on Deer Run.

After a long drive from Calgary and a ride up the Grizzly Gondola, my legs always need a wake-up. For this I prefer Deer Run to Juniper, finishing on Juniper Jungle.

This combination has plenty of vertical to really get the legs warm and it ends behind the Banded Peak Base Camp instead of between the two main base lifts where the busier runs Easy Street and Wiwaxy terminate.

2. The Cruiser
Lake Louise AB Boomerang Tyler Dixon
Photo: Tyler Dixon
The sweeping arcs of Boomerang offer views onto the black diamond runs you'll want to shred next.

I went back and forth between Meadowlark and Boomerang while choosing my favourite cruiser run.

Ultimately, Boomerang ended up in the top spot for its sweeping mountain vistas, its backside access, and how it allows you to scope out all the black and double-black runs that can be found in the powder-filled back bowls.

Merge onto Saddleback, which will take you down to the Paradise Chair or eventually the Larch area.

3. The Challenge
Lake Louise AB West Bowl Tyler Dixon
Photo: Tyler Dixon
West Bowl, once slack country, is now inbounds terrain with lots of variety.

For those who are a little more adventurous, West Bowl might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Previously considered slack country, West Bowl is now part of the inbounds terrain, meaning the resort provides snow control, avalanche safety, and ski patrol services to the entire area.

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While there aren’t any specific runs within West Bowl, this allows users to explore the unique terrain in their own way.

4. The Bigger Challenge
Lake Louise AB Whitehorn Tyler Dixon
Photo: Tyler Dixon
Whitehorn brings the epic with chutes, spines and stashes.

For the experts waiting patiently to enter the debate, I haven’t forgotten about you. Whitehorn I with its Four Gates and Whitehorn II with its Alphabet Gullies are sure to provide you a challenge with its steep chutes and rocky spines.

The backside face of Whitehorn Mountain also features some of the best powder stashes on the entire mountain thanks to the prevailing north-westerly winds refreshing those sought-after stashes, even when it’s not snowing.

5. The Wind Down
Lake Louise AB Sunset Run Tyler Dixon
Photo: Tyler Dixon
Cruising with a view on Sunset.

After a big day in the mountains, I like a relaxing run with varied terrain as I make my way back to the base. 

My go-to begins at the summit of the Top of the World Chair. I start on Sunset Terrace and work my way through the gladed trees of Tight Turn. I make a right onto Upper Wiwaxy and quickly enter Jerry’s Jungle, which feels like a natural terrain park that’s family friendly. 

Jerry’s exits back onto Wiwaxy where I make my way down to Cameron’s Way and eventually finish on the homestretch of Easy Street.

What are your top 5 runs?

Even if common ground is hard to find, I think we can all agree that our favourite runs are born from the memories that were made in the process. Those runs hold special places in our hearts because of the experiences we had, and hope to have again. 

Whether you agree with my choices or not, I hope it sparks some friendly debate. I would love to hear which Lake Louise runs are your favourite and why you feel that way. Tell us by commenting on this Facebook post.

Let the debating begin!

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