Get Revystoked with local Revelstoke pow tips

Same old story, really nothing to see here folks. It’s just me, being Revystoked again. Just hearing the name makes my ears perk up and my spine straighten…


The reason is simple, the place rips, in so many ways. At the tail end of last season, I spent a good amount of time here to really “get the place.”

Here are some of tips on how to make your next Revy trip rip, with some help from Revy local "Trapper Greg."

What am I frothing about? here's an early taste, from Revy's opening day, Dec 2, 2022:

Tips to ripping Revy pow

First and foremost, find a local and make friends. Revy is no easy feat to truly “unlock” to find those secrets and unlock those powder doors that are going to leave you with the biggest case of the perma-grins.

Locals who know the mountain can be your keys to uncovering some of the legendary terrain that this place is talked about all over the world. So, it costs you lunch and a few beers, make friends.

A guy like Greg is a guy you might want to connect with. Especially those who are looking to support local with their gear needs. Greg Fortier makes snowboards – Trapper Snowboards is his company – and his boards are from wood from around Revelstoke.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort BC Seb Grondin snowboarding powder
Photo: Hywel Williams
Seb Grondin shreds the Revy pow.

His days are making boards and testing them out on ridiculously serious powder days and wondering how the board could perform even better with a few more tweaks to the shape.

From Trapper Snowboard’s owner, his top three Revy tips:

1) Keep an eye on the forecast to know when you’re in for a pow day.

What is your best snow monitor? There are a lot of options out there – what is your favorite? Join the conversation on SnowSeekers Facebook page. For in the moment updates, check out our Snow Conditions.

2) Get here early on that pow day 

Plan to arrive for 7:30am so you can get in the gondola line and ideally be first in line for the POW. Doing so could mean you’ll score heli-skiing conditions for a lift ticket price. Sure skiers and riders are stoked for a big POW day here at Revy, but its not that powder “rush” or snow stampede that you can feel in a place like Whistler.

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3) Mid-week, early season: ignore town weather 

“It might be rainy in town but blower on the hill,” Greg says. “Those days where you're left wondering ‘where is everyone?’ Get ready, those legs are in for a thrashing.” 

Revelstoke Mountain Resort BC view into town
Photo: Tom Poole
Early ups score the freshies.

He’s got a bonus one for us snow seekers too “you are here, and you are not going to want to leave, get into it and make a three-night epic,” says Fortier. Last call & first chair is an anthem here in Revy and now coming into season 12, Fortier has Revy dialed. 

How does a professional biologist studying fish in Peace River Alberta, end up an expert building snowboards out of Revelstoke? Since 2008, a total of 1,000 boards and well over 1,000 days on the snow!

Motivation is easy in a place where even just thinking about the where you live comes up with illusions of a mystical place and what is waiting for you with just one step out the door.

That’s Revy. Stoked.

Doc Pow's Recos 

Where to stay
Stay on mountain at the Sutton Place to enjoy a huge outdoor pool and spoil yourself in a spot where it takes longer to put your boots on then it does to walk to the lift. Book your stay here.

Save on RMR lift passes by scoring your lift tickets in advance online.

Where to eat, play & apres

Hit the Taco Club. It’s called The Taco Club, and its epic – ‘nuff said.

Grab an on-site pool noodle and float the salt water lazy river post your shred session at the Revelstoke Community and Aquatic Centre.

Order a Monashee Mule from the Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery in the heart of town.

Hit a show at the Traverse Nightclub, we caught Moontricks this past spring and it was a full moon sender, a venue with wicked sound and a place that was pumping. So sweet to hit a rad day on the slopes and head out that night for some live music. The Traverse in Revy doesn’t disappoint.

Don’t disappoint yourself this season – make a Revystoked Getaway.

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