Five SilverStar Runs with a Silver Lining

SilverStar Mountain Resort (aka the Snow Globe) — With over 132 runs at SilverStar Mountain Resort, all engineered to feed your ski or ride stoke, it can be a challenge to know which runs are for your shredder level.

For those en route for their first or 31st visit to SilverStar, 20 mins up the road from Vernon BC, I’ve put together some of my picks to runs that come with a silver lining.  

The Doc's Picks: Five SilverStar runs not to miss

I’ve organized my suggestions to give any skier or rider an option or two, from green, to blue, black diamond & double diamond.

Take a preview tour with Doc Pow

Before you dive into Doc's five "silver lining" picks, join him here for a virtual rip to get the blood flowing and the stoke high!

#1. Christmas is every day in the Snow Globe! 

Drop into this blue run known as Christmas Bowl and score the full mountain view! This bowl is sandwiched between the SilverStar’s Gondola and the Attridge chair.

SilverStar mountain skier Madeline Williams
Photo: Madeline Williams
Christmas Bowl connects you onto Attridge Chair, usually the spot where late day freshies can be found

Why do I love it?  Not only is the view epic within Christmas Bowl, looking out over the village and their snow tube zone, but you have the option of ripping back to the village OR head up Attridge Chair. Special secret to Attridge, it is where most of the best snow will usually be on a busy weekend and if it’s a powder day, this is where you can find freshies even late on a Sunday.

#2. Shred the gnar backside on my personal fave, Kirkenheimer

This double diamond beauty will be sure to please those looking for some steeps and the deeps. Welcome to the backside, and Putnam Creek Chair, where you will find much of SilverStar’s expert and extreme terrain.  

SilverStar mountain skier Madeline Williams
Photo: Madeline Williams
Kirkenheimer is only one of SilverStar’s many backside runs, home to the gnar.

Here is where I spend most of my days when on SilverStar’s slopes with loads of blacks and double blacks that will make you stand up straight and shout “hell yah” as you catch your breath en route back to the lift for more.

Why do I love Kirkenheimer? As a snowboarder it’s a natural halfpipe—as a skier, it’s the left or right sides of this beauty with its steep pitches that challenge you to the core.

#3. Go for a Far Out cruise

This green run, off the Comet Six pack chair, takes you for a tour of the mountain that works for any level or skier or rider.

SilverStar mountain skier Madeline Williams
Photo: Madeline Williams
Far Out is a green run that goes right past the entrance to the backside, which will get you to number two on the list.

Why do I love the run Far Out? It connects you into my number four pick, which takes you over to the Silver Woods Express Quad chair and makes for the perfect lap, heading off Comet, down Far Out, onto BX Express, up the Silver Woods chair and back over to Comet.

#4. Click into BX Express

This blue cruiser is one of those runs that sees little traffic, given its Far Out green run access, so you can easily find a quality groomed welcome late in the morning.

SilverStar mountain skier Madeline Williams
Photo: Madeline Williams
Make the BX Express connect if you are looking for late morning groomers and a mini-mountain tour.

Why do I love BX Express? Groomer rips for days and its cool how this run is named after some serious history to the region. Way back in the day, The BX Express was a stagecoach operation that ran between Vernon and Barkerville, the site of Canada’s biggest gold strikes.

#5. Rip the Face and score some perma-grin. 

Just off the Des Schumann Summit Express Gondola, this run is on the list for all the right reasons. As a black diamond, it's steep, you score a stellar view of the resort and it’s lit up at night (SilverStar offers night skiing most Fridays and Saturdays).

SilverStar mountain skier Madeline Williams
Photo: Madeline Williams
Whether its night or day, the Face is the spot to score a shred rush.

Why do I love The Face? It’s super easy to access, literally right off the Gondola, the pitch will get your pulse going and for those who are looking for the perfect selfie spot overlooking the Monashee Mountains—you’ve just found one of the top locales. 

Do your homework, study up the map & book your stay today for a SilverStar ski or ride adventure that comes with more than a few silver linings.

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SilverStar's signature spring party Seismic rocks the hill for three weeks in March, and it's going to be a cooker! Be sure to check it out. 

SilverStar is full of great activities beyond the skiing experience, from fat biking to skating to nordic skiing, dining and more. Visit the SilverStar website to dial it in.   

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