Dogs and snow – a perfect pairing

Nothing beats seeing a happy doggo running through the snow. Jaw dragging, mouth open and scooping snow like a backhoe. Of course, when you add that the dog is at work, the awwww factor soars. We did a little Instagram trolling to find some happy puppies at work and play.

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Has anyone been to Fernie to see if this really is Mogul’s chair? She has a bird’s eye view of all the action on Polar Peak. Next question is, “What if you are in her chair and she shows up?”

This is Heidi and she has been hard at work all winter at Sunshine Village dragging the patrollers up and down the slopes. She’s still in training, but someday she will get to wear that CARDA vest with pride.

Have you seen the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs at SilverStar? This year the resort surprised SEISMIC festival go-ers with a ton of fluffy friends.

Shasta works at Lake Louise Ski Resort and by the looks of her own Instagram feed, she is always on the job. When she’s not on patrol on the slopes, she is working throughout the Banff area.

If you could pick two beautiful red-heads to ride a chair with, wouldn’t it be these two? Both Huck and Anfo are CARDA dogs working at Castle Ski Resort in southwest Alberta. (Actually, don’t tell Huck…he’s supposed to be retired!).

Nose down – butt up is what patrollers wants to see when their dog is searching for a buried skier. This is Gibson, posing for a story SnowSeekers did about avalanche dogs at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. It was -20, we were all freezing, but she didn’t care. She was sprinting in the sunshine – oblivious to the chill and totally focused on finding that buried scent. Watching her maneuver through the snow showed it takes countless hours of effort from her and her handler. She did what she was trained to do and followed her nose to a successful recovery of a buried skier.

This is Trangothetoller and he may not be a working dog, but he sure works. His Instagram feed has this Calgary pup travelling throughout North America in search of great skiing, running and climbing. He’s even up to waiting at the bottom of a frozen waterfall, while his “hooman” goes for a climb.

Meet Merle – another carefree dog who never waits in the car. I didn’t recognize him without his signature googles on. He travels to the high country so much that he wears sun protection over his eyes.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip through Instagram’s doggo world and consider giving the pups with their own IGs a follow – you’d be surprised what they get up to.

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Stay connected this season on everything winter, please sign up for our SnowSeekers e-news

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