Welcome to Wells – where adventure is right out the door

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Wells, B.C. – End of the road communities are home to people who make magic happen on a regular basis. Wells, a character community nestled within the Cariboo Region of B.C., is a place where you’ll experience that magic every day.

Recently @ApresWheeler and I got off the historic Barkerville highway for #SkiNorthBC and right from the parking lot, jumped on sleds to explore the Cariboo Wagon Road, dating back to 1865.

Ski your way into winter bliss while visiting Wells. Plan your trip...

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“Where we are standing, is home to what still holds as the world record for the biggest gold strike, EVER,” said Wells local, Eric Andersen. Andersen was born in the region and six years ago, became an entrepreneur by opening the general store and a character-filled pub, called the Jack O Clubs.

On any given day, all you need to do is park your rig, walk into his establishment and say hello. Andersen or his team will be happy to give you the 'lay of the land.' Click into your Nordic gear or fire up the sled and literally – drive from there into the wilds.

“That is a big piece to why I live here; trail access that literally runs from my backdoor and into some pretty incredible terrain.

Photo: Doc Pow

A diehard sledder with Nordic ski interests, Andersen and his pal, Caleb McMillian took us into history, along the Wagon Road trail up to Groundhog Lake. It's a pretty straight forward hour sled ride from the colourful community and up into an epic alpine heaven.

As mentioned, the route dates back to 1865 and was used to get people and the over $2 BILLIION dollars in gold from Barkerville to Vancouver’s coast line. All roads end in Barkerville, five minutes from Wells, a community that still today, services gold-rush pioneers.

Photo: Doc Pow

Being at the end of the road, preserves the character, charm and the winter wilds – all staples of what makes Wells your next destination for awesome.

“Especially this time of year, you are dropped right into raw wilderness all around you,” said Andersen.

Andersen knows he’s got a good thing. You can see it in his eyes, living in a spot where you are away from the city life and into the quiet. Where you go all day on 50kms of Nordic ski trails or endless amounts of sled terrain and never see another soul.

Photo: Doc Pow

Well’s soul is saturated in history. With all the money from gold flowing through the area, this region became the original Las Vegas of North America. For those who find their way here here, it means epic outdoor fun and some serious history lessons.

“We’re a really cool destination for those out of Prince George or anywhere across Western Canada for that matter. For those in Prince George, they drive just over two hours and they're into a community that is so unique,” said WhiteGold Adventures founder, Dave Jorgenson.

When you Go

Pack the Nordic skis, pack the sled or pack your snowboard – all sliding options, seeing that both the Nordic Ski and the Wells Snowmobile Clubs maintains trails that wind you through history.

Troll Ski Resort is 30 minutes down the historic Barkerville Highway, as per this SnowSeekers story, it’s a destination that's growing in size and popularity.

Perhaps you will time your visit for some of the events the community is hosting, just jump onto the District of Well’s website for more on that.

Make it a week visit, base yourself out of Quesnel and drive into history, Tourism Quesnel will help get you sorted.

Wells, located in the Cariboo Regional District, is home to a bounty of white gold options – know and go.

Learn more about what B.C. has in store for you this winter by searching #SkiNorthBC or visit our  #SkiNorthBC expedition page , where more stories and videos will be coming out all season long.

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