In the land of legends, moments can last a lifetime. Home to some of the most record-setting snowfalls, Northern B.C. winter experiences leave you with a serious case of perma-grin.  There's so much snow, legendary one-day accumulations turn parking lots into mogul fields.

Explore communities rich in Indigenous history and with a connection to the land that goes back millennia. SnowSeekers has teamed up with a stellar roster of digital storytelling rock stars. Below you will find the results of their work.

Fly with your choice of airlines from Vancouver, landing directly into Smithers. Or, make a road trip landing into #SkiNorthBC country with about a 4 1/2-hour drive north of Kamloops. Make discoveries that you'll talk about for a lifetime. Come #SkiNorthBC.

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Quesnel, Wells, Barkerville and Troll Ski Resort.

Powder King Resort.

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It’s not every day someone heads to the middle of B.C. to experience Fort St. James and a ski hill with soul, aka, @MurrayRidge. But WinterFest is happening through February and that made us want to check it out, so SnowSeekers dispatched Smithers-based photographer Marty Clements to learn what this festival is all about.

Surrounded by 360 degrees of mountains, the locals in Smithers have nothing but smiles, stoke and love for the community. We spoke with four residents, business owners and managers who have carved out lives for themselves from the valley floor to the mountain tops. 

While most of British Columbia had a slow start to the winter, Troll was covered in snow and opened a week earlier than usual. When we arrived, we were blessed with some sunny, warmer weather in the morning and the groomers were in excellent shape thanks to the local trail team. So, let's dive into some awesome experiences we had the pleasure of having on our SnowSeekers’ visit. 

Hudson Bay is noted as an “ultra prominent peak,” best viewed from the small alpine town in its shadows - Smithers. The city residents are embraced by 360 degrees mountain views, and some of the best backcountry you could ask for.

Quesnel is a town of about 10,000 people and 13,000 more in the surrounding area - a lot larger than we expected, and there’s a reason for that. 

When I spent my first season on the west coast five years ago, the weather was terrible. We were skunked out by rain every day, and there was no snow. I kept seeing videos of people up at Powder King, without a care in the world, enjoying the mounds of fresh snow, the good times, and perfect pow turns. 

The longest T-Bar in North America. Check. A volunteer-run snowboard and ski school. Check. And one of the coziest lodges anywhere. Check. Welcome to the best-kept secret in B.C.’s north – Murray Ridge Ski Resort & Terrain Park – that easily ticks off all the boxes for your next skiing or riding adventure. 

Northern B.C. is home to GIANT snowfall records. This is Doc Pow @SnowSeekers, and having been up along the Yellowhead Highway more than 20 times over my ski writing career, I can confirm the most record-setting snowfalls can be found here. 

It takes passion and priority to see a vision come true, and for the folks in Quesnel, their winter wonderland of experiences has been years in the making.

Most people’s intuition kicks in the first time they meet someone and as we all know, first impressions are key. If the Northern B.C. community of Smithers were a person, I know it would be one of my best friends. Why? For one thing it has one of the highest concentrations of outdoor adventure stores – per capita – in the country and for another, as our new #SkiNorthBC friends describe it, it’s a place that is wrapped in "alpine everything."

The soul of skiing is more than alive and well in pretty much the geographical centre of British Columbia, at a destination you need to put on your radar – Murray Ridge Ski Hill and Terrain Park.

Hudson Bay Mountain Resort, perched over the town of Smithers, home to Canada’s youngest mayor. It's a bustling winter adventure scene with the ski resort, its epicentre.

Many in the south really don’t have a clue about what is waiting for them when they #SkiNorthBC. For years now, SnowSeekers has been working with destinations like Powder King Mountain Resort to help you unlock all the potential just waiting for snow seekers like yourselves.

End of the road communities are home to people who make magic happen on a regular basis. Wells, a character community nestled within the Cariboo Region of B.C., is a place where you’ll experience that magic every day.

Picture this, it’s the 1800s and gold is the topic of every conversation. There were stories of an enchanting place in the Cariboo region that offered a great deal of wealth and a chance for a new life.

Barkerville Highway, BC – Growth; it’s an important aspect of human nature. Whether that growth is personal, in terms of picking up a new skill, learning a new way of life or in the case of a ski resort, the addition of new terrain and fresh amenities.

Stewart, B.C., the single name and two letters following make me giddy just thinking about finally seeing what I’ve heard and dreamed about so much. The drive up was filled with slices of Indigenous culture, glimpses at the rich Gold Rush history and a tease of the mountains waiting for us to explore them.

The winding mountainous road comes to an end at Barkerville, but this is not where the adventure ends, it only means you simply no longer require a vehicle. With countless ways to explore Barkerville it’s important to introduce this town with a bit of history to begin to grasp the scope of this place.

Snow banks taller than myself line the streets of Smithers, a sure sign that this incredible snow haven is in good winter form. Whether arriving by plane, car or Via Rail, your first glimpse of town will without doubt steal your heart and whisk you into the mountainous magic that surrounds you. 

A timeless log lodge and matching nearby cabins adorn the base of Troll Resort. The authenticity of a uncommercialized ski resort and its romantic vibe is what drew us in.

Snow was falling heavily as Chris Wheeler pulled into the parking lot at Powder King Ski Resort in Northern B.C in late January 2018. Not being one to waste time on a powder day, Wheeler grabbed his camera gear and hit the chair. Next thing he knew he was shooting powder slashes with a local snowboarder who had offered to show him a few of his hidden gems.

With a perfect position, The King reigns supreme when it comes to the POW. This is the story of why the King will always be Powder King Mountain Resort.

When you walk through the day lodge at Powder King Mountain Resort, you'll find something that might seem rather foreign to you. No one has their cellphones out checking their news and social media feeds.

Hikes at Pinnacles Provincial Park, a stroll on the Riverwalk, a concert at the Occidental, a cup of coffee at Granville’s or a pint of craft beer at Barkerville Brewing. I recently found out that while I enjoyed these activities in Quesnel last summer, you can do all of this and even more during the winter.

If you've ever been to an end-of-the-road town, you know they're always a bit different.

Here in Northern British Columbia there's a craft ski maker and one of the world’s top musicians who have binding ties to their community and no reason to leave.

Barkerville along British Columbia's Highway 26 is lined with gold, literally.

As we drove into the region of Quesnel I had no idea what to expect. It was my first time here, but I had I heard that it was rich in both winter outdoor activities and history.

Ski history and heritage is alive and well in B.C. because the resorts are home to a thriving culture that encompasses the idea of going downhill at thrilling speeds.

Imagine using the beautiful wilds of northern British Columbia’'s winter as your laboratory. For a long time, Terrace, B.C. local Hansie Mudhenk, has done exactly that every day.

Chances are you’ve seen the beer commercials in which contest winners are flown into a magical land near a frosty mountain range for a game of hockey.

When I heard I was going to ski a mountain resort mysteriously named “‘Troll,” I knew this place was going to be different from other ski hills. It became my mission to find out what made it so unique.

The Bulkley River flows through the valley, looking down on Smithers, B.C., from the slopes of Hudson Bay Mountain. It's a view that is nothing short of epic.

This leg of our SkiNorthBC expedition brought us to a little place called Smithers, located in northwestern B.C., halfway between Prince George and Prince Rupert. Smithers has a small but mighty population of just more than 5,400.

Peaks soar above. Snow piles up above car rooflines, and terrain for backcountry touring stretches seemingly endlessly. Here, there are no motors running, no crowds, no distractions. Just you, your friends and the bowls, ridges and glades to play in.

After witnessing and shooting one of the most stunning sunrises of my life from the peak of Hudson Bay Mountain, I was intrigued by the small mountain community I saw on my way up. It turns out there are a handful of people who live on the mountain and whole-heartedly embrace this place.

Hot chocolate, fresh snow in the face and magical turns all day. Think this sounds too dreamy to be real. It's not. Welcome to Troll Ski Area, just east of Quesnel, B.C.

Smithers is known for its epic amounts of snow, but what some people might not know is just how darn nice the people are that live here in the town close to Hudson Bay Mountain ski area.


Wells may be small, but it is brimming with activity. Wells is a mining town and a centre for artists and outdoors enthusiasts. It is a surprisingly diverse town nestled in the mountains of the Cariboo.

Located in Northern B.C. along the Yellowhead Highway, Prince George is home to Powder King Mountain Resort, 740 km west of Edmonton, or accessible by flight into their airport.

Smithers, B.C. is home to Hudson Bay Ski Resort, found in Northern B.C. along the Yellowhead Highway. Smithers has a regional airport serviced by Air Canada.

Troll Ski Resort was built by Lars Fossberg in 1972, and 30 years later it is still run by the family. Troll has developed into a great mountain, with 4 surface lifts and 1700 vertical feet of terrain.

Murray Ridge is one of B.C.'s best kept secrets. Enjoy a family friendly mountain located just outside of Fort James in central British Columbia