Deep days at Powder King are the life #pkallday

Powder King Mountain Resort, BC — Ain’t it the life? For UNBC fourth year bio-chem student Marc Schieven, the magnetic pull of a place known as Powder King might never let him go. 

“I’m originally from Abbotsford,” explains Schieven, who is featured with his pal Liam Jones in this latest Powder King #skinorthBC video, “I grew up skiing Sasquatch, Manning Park and Cypress. Around here, a normal Powder King snow fall is 40cms. 40cms makes papers at Manning Park! Here, the locals say,”oh that’s just Powder King, we expect that.”

Schieven, graduates this year, and ain’t going anywhere, “there is no way I am moving back can’t beat it here with Northern BC’s vibe and the connection to Powder King.”

WATCH: Living the shred life at Powder King

Watch Deep days at Powder King are the life #pkallday on YouTube.

With his fourth year on the Powder King pulse, he got to experience it through new eyes this season showing his buddy Jones around. Jones grew up in Nelson, moved north and is now on campus for UNBC wildlife and forestry studies. 

Jones’ reaction: “Powder King has surprised me; I can’t get over just how much snow they get.”

Powderking BC Anytime at all Ember Harper Snowseekers
Photo: Ember Harper-Fedirko
When can you enjoy #pkallday? Anytime at all.

A lot can happen in a day. For Powder King skiers and snowboarders, a day’s potential might end up being the best day of their lives, so here’s what these gents want you to know about scoring a #pkallday attitude. For them, it comes down to three things. 

So Much Snow 

Featured on the side of Pine Pass Northeast BC, Powder King is a basket catching feet of snow that can show in a week when moisture dense clouds get constricted moving through the steep mountain pass. (Think of when you ring out a shirt, except this is POW).

Powderking BC Tree Ski Ember Harper Snowseekers
Photo: Ember Harper-Fedirko
Be prepared for the deep snow, it's a regular feature at Powder King.

“No matter how long you have been on the mountain you are always going to find new powder stashes,” explains Schieven.  

Powder King hospitality 

Including Donut Burgers: “you gotta go for the Donut Burger in the bar—double donuts and a full-on burger!” exclaims Jones. Schieven suggests really sending it, order the “stacked Caesar” that comes with a cheeseburger on top!

Powderking BC Delicious Delivery Ember Harper Snowseekers
Photo: Ember Harper-Fedirko
Powder King's newly renovated lodge and pub have an extra cozy feel.

Overnight just down the road is Powder King’s Azouzetta Lodge if you want to score fresh donuts all day, epic eggs benny and a super comfy sleep. 

Head to Powder King for deep days, rad people #pkallday

“The new renovations look amazing,” says Schieven about the King’s recent day lodge renos, “seeing the before and now after, it looks primo. 

Powder King Day Lodge
Photo: Powder King
New lodge renos, same great place.

And the prices are decent—well-priced, all items on the menu were under $25 and high-quality food. AND that’s at a ski resort!”

Powder King People

"My first impression,” says Liam, “damn good so far, the vibe of the hill is fantastic, super chill! It’s sure is nice to roll up into Powder King’s parking lot, park next to the lodge and it’s maybe a five min lift line, with 40 cms of fresh.

Where do you get that? and I can see how it makes the people who live and who work here so great.”

Powderking BC Liftline Ember Harper Snowseekers
Photo: Ember Harper-Fedirko
Schieven and Jones get some advanced lessons in powder skiing from one of the snow school specialists at Powder King.

Those people include snow school instructors who specialize in powder. 

"Powder King's snow school knows what they are talking about. Our instructor Tori, was super helpful in providing tips to approaching powder skiing. You'd think in those conditions you want to lean back a bit, but as she showed us, that's not the case" says Jones. 

Powder King's snow school offers daily group and private lessons, providing tips as Liam mentions that go a long way, especially if its just a "normal 40cm" day!

That's just how they do it here, where #pkallday is both a rally cry and a lifestyle.

When you Go 

Driving “Make sure you have a full tank of gas, when you leave Prince George,” says Schieven. This is Northern BC he reminds, the land is vast; between Prince George and Powder King you'll find two service stations and very little else.

“Time your driving so it’s not too much in the darkness,” adds Jones. This means you might have to limit après to a sole stacked caesar or just stay the night. 

Stay you can bunk down either at the ski-in ski out Powder King Hostel or just down the road at their Azouzetta Lake Lodge

Ski & ride why go #pkallday?! “On a scale of one 10, can I give it a 15?!” says Schieven. “Just because every time you go it will be a 10 out of 10 day with various factors to why it was a 10. So this fact alone makes Powder King a 15 for me.” 

Share let us know what you find, go #pkallday and include #skinorthbc as an extra hashtag in your posts, so we might feature your content here on SnowSeekers.

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