The Top 10 Runs at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Top 10 Runs at Revelstoke Mountain Resort


Revelstoke Mountain Resort has an incredible amount of terrain that is easily accessible from three lifts. With over 3000 acres and 5620 feet of vertical, Revelstoke offers a ton of options. With so many options available, though, how is a person supposed to know what runs to hit? In order to help you out, SnowSeekers has compiled what we feel are Revelstoke's Top 10 Runs.

How is it possible to qualify a “top 10 runs”? Admittedly, it depends on your mood that day and the quality of snow. Do you feel like hiking, hitting the trees, ripping high-speed groomers, or challenging your ability? Are you going to try to set a record for most vertical skied, find a kicker that no one else knows about, or just spend your whole day exploring? The challenge is not in naming the top 10 runs, but in limiting it to 10. 

With this in mind, I sat down and hammered out a foolproof scoring system to help the cream rise to the top. I gathered some foot soldiers and we struck out, measuring each run on the mountain against our highly scientific measuring scheme. The five criteria for each run were:

  • Likelihood of finding powder 3 days after a snowfall
  • Level of “Buddhic” serenity
  • Level of desire to sell all worldly possessions and live in a tree fort next to this run compared to the other runs
  • Joy of terrain diversity
  • Sheer bliss-o-meter

What follows is our best attempt to qualify the top 10 runs at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Follow the links as we take you through each of the runs, starting from #10.




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