Sweet Vibes and Stellar Snow at Troll Resort

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While most of British Columbia had a slow start to the winter, Troll was covered in snow and opened a week earlier than usual. When we arrived, we were blessed with some sunny, warmer weather in the morning and the groomers were in excellent shape thanks to the local trail team. So, let's dive into some awesome experiences we had on our SnowSeekers' visit to Troll Ski Resort. 

Troll SKi Resort #SkiNorthBC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

Troll might be a small ski resort but its amenities will rock your world. Supported by four T-Bars, to-die-for cinnamon buns, and local friendly faces, you’re guaranteed to have a blast here and make some lasting memories. The T-Bars will get your legs pumping, and you just won’t want to stop skiing.

Troll Ski Resort #SkiNorthBC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

We didn’t want to leave the cozy lodge in the morning, lingering over our coffees and good vibes all around this place. The details that have gone into the lodge are amazing. 

Troll Ski Resort #SkiNorthBC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

We were shown around by Bonnie Grenon and her family of young shredders. Luckily, we caught a pocket of golden light earlier in the morning. Grenon and her gang showed us the good runs with the best light and ski conditions for all ages and we were in heaven. 

Troll Ski Resort #SkiNorthBC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

There’s a big convenience to having cabins surrounding the mountain, a perfect place to ski and stay all while experiencing the one-of-a-kind Cariboo Foothills, known as the Quesnel Highland. The small community is a trove of tons of historic stories, like the fact that Troll today hosts the annual Gold Rush Dog Sledding Mail Run. 

Other activities at Troll include ski racing, and with the slopeside accommodation, it keeps the whole family close to all the action. The resort cozy day lodge has a beautiful large rock fireplace, local live music, and top-notch soups and food. Best of all, there’s no cell reception at the bottom of the hill. You’re blessedly free to ski or ride undistracted from your social media, text, and emails. It’s just that kind of authentic experience. 

Troll Ski Resort #SkiNorthBC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

We have a few recommendations about the runs you need to check out at Troll. We recommend taking the Silver chair up to 1,645 metres in elevation, where the snow stays fresh and fluffy for those looking for something a bit more challenging. But, no need to worry, there are also mellow runs for the less experienced to get down from the top as well. We saw how the snow stays shrouded on the trees at the top of Silver, which got us stoked to get some turns in silence and beauty. 

Troll Ski Resort #kiNorthBC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

What’s 100% worth checking out while in Troll:

  • The food. We had one of the best cinnamon buns ever, plus veggie burgers and soups on our road trip through #SkiNorthBC.
  • The Silver Lift, where you’ll find freshies and it gets you way higher than the Red Lift.
  • Try to get there during the Gold Rush Dog Sled Mail Run. It’s a hoot that celebrates the historic mail run on sled, from Quesnel to Barkerville. 
  • Stay for a little apres with live music and warm up by the fire.
Photo: Jeremy Allen

You don’t want to miss Troll’s special white gold that drops daily for the skiers of Quesnel and surrounding areas. We can’t think of any reason to not make this a stop on your list while you’re on a #SkiNorthBC trip. 

When You Go

Book your stay onsite at Troll through the AirBnB listing. But if you are looking to accommodate a bigger group, keep in mind Quesnel is only 40 mins down the road.

Quesnel is home to a bounty of Nordic ski, fat biking and snowshoe trails, uncovered in this recent Gold City story.

Troll Ski Resort is a happening place less then a two hours drive from Prince George Airport, home to increased WestJet service through this winter via WestJet link.

(Seekers encourages you to fly sustainably)

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