Super bowl of snow makes swift changes to AB/BC skiing scene

Forget the groundhog, February is consistently one of the best months for skiing in Alberta and BC and conditions are getting better by the day.

It will still be winter in the mountains for a while yet, especially after a solid storm system passed through western Canada this past weekend. 

That’s right! While you were watching Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl, snow in the 20 - 30cm range blanketed resorts from Whistler to Big White, Fernie, Sun Peaks and SilverStar to Marmot Basin, culminating in some exciting new rope drops.

Check out this 48 hour report, as of this Monday.

So, all due respect, but stuff it Punxsatawney Phil. Long live winter! 

If you weren’t out shredding this past weekend here’s some of what you missed.

Swimming at SilverStar 

Now this is what we're talking about! And why we recently covered SilverStar and Sun Peaks in our #SkitheSilverSun feature. Did somebody say road trip?!

Fernie rope drop mania

Seekers community member @caileybis shows us what it's like when you're frothing for pow turns...

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Marmot Basin's big month

First the new Knob Chair opened, then International Patrol Day celebrations, and finally this past weekend, the rope dropped on Eagle East on Sunday afternoon, and yours truly was there! (You can see the snow conditions in the final pic in this reel.)

Happy days at Misery

In Peace River, Misery Mountain opened for the season, after weathering some early season challenges. 

All in all, a solid shift in the weather trends is bringing us more to celebrate by the day. 

And while we started this with some groundhog side-eye, the season isn't going to last forever, so now's the time to get after it.

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