Jeremy Derksen

Jeremy Derksen

AKA: Jeremy Derksen

If some of the worst adventure mishaps make some of the greatest stories, Jeremy has some great stories to tell. He’s hitchhiked, hopped trains, slept outdoors in a hammock at -5C, been attacked by an owl, caught hypothermia in Yoho and somehow managed to solo the Canadian Death Race.

All that (good) suffering inspires his work as a writer, photographer, adventurer, location manager and media consultant. He is also a father of three, so his sherpa skills are on point.

He has published in Canadian Geographic, The Globe & Mail, The Ski Journal, Avenue Magazine and more. His media clients have included the Canadian Tourism Commission (Mexico), Travel Alberta and Edmonton Tourism.

As a writer and producer at Seekers, he is proud to have worked on the award-winning Take It To The Lake campaign.

Stories by Jeremy Derksen

Banking a berm at the Hinton Bike Park in Hinton, AB.

Don't be sad to hang up your skis, grab your bike and keep going downhill!

Snowboarder taking air at Marmot Basin in Jasper, AB, Canada

Every muscle tensed, all senses attuned, I lean into my turn, my snowboard carving the snow. Taking...

Jasper Marmot Albert #SkiNorthAB skiing

Fresh snow on T-Bar ridge beckons as Manu Loir-Mongazon and Jailin Bertolin drop their skis and...

SnowValley Alberta #SkiNorthAB snowboarding skiing

Spaceship earth momentarily tips into zero gravity. Up becomes down, and Jen Sherstan and Elisa Chee...

YEG Winter Patio Icehouse #SkiNorthAB couple

Patio hopping on a winter day in Edmonton magically transports you inside a gigantic snowglobe. 

Bonnyville AB #SkiNorthAB Marion Lake cross country skiing

Cresting the rise as it opens onto Muriel Lake Lookout, and the endless view of snow-covered lake...