Jeremy Derksen

Jeremy Derksen

AKA: Jeremy Derksen

If some of the worst adventure mishaps make some of the greatest stories, Jeremy has some great stories to tell. He’s hitchhiked, hopped trains, slept outdoors in a hammock at -5C, been attacked by an owl, caught hypothermia in Yoho and somehow managed to solo the Canadian Death Race.

All that (good) suffering inspires his work as a writer, photographer, adventurer, location manager and media consultant. He is also a father of three, so his sherpa skills are on point.

He has published in Canadian Geographic, The Globe & Mail, The Ski Journal, Avenue Magazine and more. His media clients have included the Canadian Tourism Commission (Mexico), Travel Alberta and Edmonton Tourism.

As a writer and producer at Seekers, he is proud to have worked on the award-winning Take It To The Lake campaign.

Stories by Jeremy Derksen

Jasper Marmot Albert #SkiNorthAB skiing

Fresh snow on T-Bar ridge beckons as Manu Loir-Mongazon and Jailin Bertolin drop their skis and...

SnowValley Alberta #SkiNorthAB snowboarding skiing

Spaceship earth momentarily tips into zero gravity. Up becomes down, and Jen Sherstan and Elisa Chee...

#SkiNorthAB Edmonton AB YEG Winter Patio Culina on Lake snowshoe

Patio hopping on a winter day in Edmonton magically transports you inside a gigantic snowglobe. 

Bonnyville AB #SkiNorthAB Marion Lake cross country skiing

Cresting the rise as it opens onto Muriel Lake Lookout, and the endless view of snow-covered lake...

Jarvis Lake Hinton AB Fat Biking #SkiNorthAB

From the Athabasca Lookout in William A. Switzer Provincial Park near Hinton, sun emblazons the...

Grande Prairie-Grande Cache AB #SkiNorthAB Nordic Skiing

Windswept diamonds glitter on the trail as Nathan Smith and Caroline Seip pause to gaze at the...