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photo credits (clockwise, L to R): Alex Balcer, Jessie Seniunas, Kyle Ewbank, Tyler Dixon, Jeremy Derksen   

Hero moments, happy times and appie times, if it's in the snow we love to celebrate it. That's why we created this weekly snow photo contest, along with our partner Miss 604 and sponsor Triple O's.

It's simple: each week, from now through until April, we pick the best photo among all the photos tagged with our handle @snowseekers on Facebook or Instagram, and we share it here. (Remember to set your privacy settings to "public" on the posts you tag us in, or we can't see them!) 

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Check out this week's winner, and winners from past weeks. Each week we pick one top photo of the week to be our featured photo.

Runner up photos: with so many amazing pics to choose from, we couldn't stop at just one, so we are also featuring the runners up in our Instagram story highlights, updated every Tuesday night! 

We’ll get to this week’s winner in a hot minute but first, an exciting new announcement. 

Coming into the home stretch we feel a little March Madness coming on. So we’re going to run off all 10 weeks of winning photos, plus our two top special mentions, in a 3-week bracket, to name the best Snow Photo of the season!

So stick around, we aren’t done yet. 

WEEK 10, Tuesday, March 28 

Who doesn’t want to cap the day with an epic sunset?

No surprise then that we’re doing the same with the official 10th week of our 10-week contest.

Photo: Victor Wong, @vwong


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Special mention

Dog days of spring are here...


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WEEK 9, Tuesday, March 21

Can’t believe it’s week nine already! Only one more week to go. This week we needed to see some snow on slopes to keep the faith, and here it is. Manning Park going strong!

Be sure to check in next week for our final Snow Photo of the season, and a special announcement.

Photo: Jenn Chann, @jennchannmedia
One thing about a chairlift is it provides a great vantage point for epic skyline photos like this. 


A post shared by Jenn Chan (@jennchanmedia)

Special mention

We feel a snow meme coming on! Too cute not to:

Week 8, Tuesday March 14 

How cool is this? Jessie Seniunas, a Prince George local who starred in our 2022 Powder King feature, captured #seekersambasador (winner, week 1) winter paddleboarding on a stretch of unfrozen water fed by a warm spring. Now that's adventuresome! 

Photo: Jessie Seniunas, @lithuanianalien

Week 7, Tuesday March 7

Photo: Alex Balcer, @alex.balcer


A post shared by Logden Lodge (@logden.lodge)


Judges' notes: the POW is back this week and we couldn't resist! Deep snow gets us all tingly, always. And Whitewater's been having a season! 

This week, we're also throwing out a special mention to @nathan.eng for this chuckler of a caption/hut pic combo:


A post shared by Nathan Eng (@nathan.eng)


We're not always hut puppies, but when we are, this is the kind of hut puppies we aspire to be.

Week 6, Tuesday, Feb 28

Photo: Tyler Dixon, @tcdixon3


A post shared by Tyler Dixon (@tcdixon3)


Judges' notes: the feeling of being small in a big landscape comes across beautifully in this shot. A great example of why being in the moment matters as much as—and sometimes more than—the technical execution.

WEEK 5, Tuesday Feb 21

WOW! It’s getting harder and harder to pick just one photo! We’re seeing more entries and great variety in the different adventures we’re getting tagged in, which we love.

While the quality of entries so far has been mind-boggling, we’re hoping to see some more candids and in the moment shots from creatives of all kinds. 

You don’t need to be a pro to enter, and there’s still lots of time with five weeks still to go. The story behind the photo is sometimes as powerful as the photo itself, right?

So before we get to this week’s winner, we wanted to take a quick look back at the past five weeks. 

Check out our Insta gallery here, and click through to the fifth picture to see our winner.


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WEEK 4, Monday, Feb 13

Photo by Brigid, @rockymountainscrambler, shared by @rising.wellness.reflexology

Judges' notes: Jailin Bertolin has graced our pages before, and her adventurous spirit fills the frame here. Combine that with Brigid's sharp camera skills—excellent light balance, keen attention to detail, crisp focus and bright colours in this dramatic setting—and you get this jaw-dropping capture! 

WEEK 3, Monday Feb 6

Photo by Cindy Rougoor, @sledder182


A post shared by Cindy Rougoor (@sledder182)


Judges' notes: something about that early morning light in the forest, snowy trees and a foreground that pops with colour...

We also love seeing our snow seeking community exploring the places featured in our stories, like Whitecourt and the #sledthetriangle experience—read more about Whitecourt and Alberta's Golden Triangle here and get out on the trails too!

WEEK 2, Monday Jan 30

Photo by Bethany Joy, @bethanyjoymacdonald


Judges' notes: POW-erful stuff from Bethany Joy at Castle Mountain, serving up some high contrast, snow-filled stoke with colourful action dead centre in the focal point. 

WEEK 1, Monday, Jan 23

Photo by Kimberley Kenyon,

Judges' notes: the way the light hits the upper mountain here, the sentiment that it evokes, this just felt perfect for the season. Sharp whites and blues with a powerful guiding line make us want to just jump right onto that skin track...

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