Kinosoo elevates winter fun for all generations

New chairlift, revamped culinary offerings, snow tubing and pop-up night skiing: it's game on at Kinosoo Ridge in Cold Lake, in the MD of Bonnyville #SkiKinosoo

MD Bonnyville, AB — Kaitlyn Engler stands on the bunny hill at Kinosoo Ridge Resort overlooking Cold Lake in northeastern Alberta, watching her girls taking a ski lesson. A turquoise ceramic mug full of coffee is in her hand. As a nurse, shifting from work to family time is key for her. 

But Engler isn’t just there to watch, she’s there to ski. And that mug full of coffee? “This is how I power through,” she laughs. 

Making the time to get outside together through the winter months isn’t always easy as a family, but that’s where Kinosoo Ridge comes in. With readily available ski lessons for the little ones, three terrain parks, a new chairlift, new culinary offerings, snow tubing and night skiing, everything the Engler family could want for a day is all right there.

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New chairlift, elevated food offerings, tubing and pop-up night skiing round out a fun day of skiing and snowboarding with friends or family

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Having a little caffeine jolt to help her power through is fair, given the energy of her crew.

From Kinosoo Ridge's bunny hill, where the youngest decides she is not listening to her instructor and darts down the hill on her own, to the upper chairlift where the older kids veer away to hit the jumps and boxes in the terrain park, Engler and her husband Rick have a lot on their hands. 

Fortunately for them, grandma and grandpa are game to hit the slopes too. All three generations on the slopes together makes for a special experience, being able to share those early family bonding moments.

Photo: Rob Hislop
Taking in the big views from the top of Kinosoo Ridge, overlooking Cold Lake.

In between time on the slopes, though, food is another bond. And, it’s another area where Kinosoo shines. With a Red Seal chef at the lead, the culinary offerings at Kinosoo have been taken up a notch, while still hitting that ski hill sweet spot. 

The family select from a satisfying menu of hearty fare and nutritious options that make everyone from three-year-old Emma (“delishish!”) to mom, dad and grandparents happy. For those with dietary considerations, the menu includes a range of vegetarian and gluten-free options as well.

There’s hot pizza and poutine for the kids, and for the adults, more elevated fare like the artisanally plated Mexican salad, chicken kale wrap, tikka panini or the popular Charlotte Smash burger. All of which you can accompany with a tasty mocktail, hot chocolate, beer or other adult beverages. 

Photo: Rob Hislop
Kinosoo's menu features gorgeous, tasty and nutritious offerings like this Mexi salad.

In the afternoon, as the parents and the older kids carry on, the grandparents hang back at the lodge with little Emma. With big comfy chairs and a fireplace, the lounge area is super cozy. Which means that all the family are rested and ready to bounce back for tubing time.

Bond over elevated adventures when you #SkiKinosoo

Snow tubing is one of everybody’s favourites in the family, says Al Gillan, the kids’ grandpa. And the kids prove him right, lap after lap. 

And so the day unfolds, from bunny hill to chairlift, to the tubing park, to Kinosoo’s up and coming dining experience, capped off with a little night skiing. 

When we put out a casting call for a three-generation family to join us for a day of filming and skiing at Kinosoo Ridge, we knew it wouldn’t be easy to find a complete family package all in one place. 

But somehow this casting call took on a life of its own. So I’m lifting the veil here because the story is not just the story you see here.

With an outpouring of interest from as close as Elk Point (about one hour away) and as far as Edmonton (a 3-hour trip, one way), the enthusiasm for joining us on a family ski day at Kinosoo was immensely gratifying.

Photo: Rob Hislop
Al Gillan, Rick and Kaitlyn Engler having a riot in the tube park. (Adults can play just as much as the kids at Kinosoo!)

For us at SnowSeekers, seeing so many families engaged in the sport was amazing. Each family who offered their time were fully into it. And each one would have fit perfectly, with just one exception here or there. Some families, grandparents were too far away. For others, children were too young for the park. 

It can be a challenge making the time, organizing the schedules, finding activities for all to enjoy and getting everyone in the mood at the same time.

All of which is a reminder that time spent bonding over shared activities—like skiing, tubing or good meals together—is precious. You have to grab it whenever you can, whatever your family unit, age or interest. But having the variety that Kinosoo Ridge offers helps to make that easier by far.

For Kaitlyn Engler, all it took was a mug of coffee to kick her into gear and get her going again. What will it take for you?

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Kinosoo Ridge Resort is in the MD of Bonnyville, a 20-minute drive from the town of Cold Lake and 3-hours (one way) northeast from Edmonton.

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Find resort details, plan your trip and book your tickets on the Kinosoo Ridge website.

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