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Powder King Mountain Resort, BC – Many in the south really don’t have a clue about what is waiting for them when they #SkiNorthBC. For years now, SnowSeekers has been working with destinations like Powder King Mountain Resort (PK) to help showcase all the potential just waiting for snow seekers like yourself.

“Powder King really is a Shangri-La. Many have heard of it, but only the lucky ones have skied it,” says Powder King (PK) owner, Jim Salisbury.

#SkiNorthBC this winter and discover Powder King Mountain Resort

A former logger, Salisbury came here, skied it, fell in love with it so much, he bought it. Now 14 years later, his vision for what this place will be hasn’t diminished in the slightest, it's actually going the other way – he and his team are building Powder Town.

Powder King
Photo: Doc Pow

With over 5,000 acres to PK’s tenure, 10 kilometres of that highway frontage, and with a sewer and water system that can accommodate service for 1,500 people – Powder King is not only open for business, but Salisbury and crew are building a true powder-filled destination.

“We’re building Powder Town up here,” said an excited Salisbury, during a recent tour. "We have 60 homes so far and we're looking to put in some mountain bike trails this summer."

Powder King
Photo: Doc Pow

Of course, the key to Powder Town is the snow and I can attest to the quality. The dozen or so times I've had the privilege to experience this place, it never disappoints me. My case was proven again when @ApresWheeler and I pulled up to dive into 21cms of fresh that had fallen the night before.

“Remember when we were here even last season?” Wheeler reminisced on the chairlift, “We woke up the next morning to what was around 20cms of snow just on the car, overnight.”

“No one comes here and has left saying it sucks. If we had the third best snow in the province, Powder Town wouldn’t be here; the reality around here is that we’re consistently in the snow,” says Salisbury.

Powder King Mountain Resort is building out to a Powder Town is a great frick’n idea, especially when conditions are like what Wheeler and I have experienced so many times in the past.

“Our job here at PK is to be that northern snow-filled destination for the over 200,000 people between Grande Prairie and Prince George. Most of the north is pretty industrial, but here, we're building a place that people will come, stay for a week and enjoy some of the best skiing of their lives.”

Powder King
Photo: Doc Pow

Cat skiing at lift ticket prices is the norm in Powder Town and for guys like Prince George-based entrepreneur, Mark Trumphour, owner of Ruckus Ski, Boards and Bikes, featured in this embedded SnowSeekers look at PK, it’s a mountain that leaves people transformed.

Experience the momentum and rip the opportunity – Powder Town is open for business and the Azouzetta Lake Lodge is waiting to host you.

When You Go

Trumphour encourages you to “Look to the locals who will help you learn and understand the mountain.” He also says that unlike some resorts, people at PK are stoked to meet new snow seekers and will share local tips to ensure you have the best time possible. He also adds, "Keep your speed, which you’ll need to plow through the oceans of fluffy white stuff."

If you are heading there, we at SnowSeekers want to remind you to always ski with a buddy and a whistle. Seeing that you can make friends in a heartbeat here, the "ski with a buddy" advice is easy and the whistle is a must, considering the tree wells here are DEEP because of the bounty of POW waiting on almost every run.

For more on Powder King and to check into Powder Town, ski over to www.PowderKing.com

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Learn more about what B.C. has in store for you this winter by searching #SkiNorthBC or visit our  #SkiNorthBC expedition page , where more stories and videos will be coming out all season long.

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