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Dispatch from the Snow Globe (SilverStar, BC) - January is the best time of the year. Anyone can take the plunge into winter in so many ways. 

How can you take the plunge? Read on for some ideas and inspiration, and click through to our weekly snow roundup for the latest on where the snow is and where the next cool events are happening throughout the season.

Set your intentions for adventure

This is the month where intentions for the year are set. What you do this month has a massive effect on the outcome of your year. It’s why so many take the plunge in Polar Bear swims. It’s why I scored my 20th polar bear swim for January 1.


A polar bear swim is a great way to kick start the year, only thing: it was -14C (coldest I’ve done).

When my buddy Brett Woods of Dialed Rides and I arrived at the lake people were playing ice hockey on it. Woods earned his new nickname as the “determinator” seeking out what we were after: open water on the lake’s east side.


Once we took the plunge, we were determined to round out the day with a winter “8.”

Dive into a “Winter 8”

Check out these scenes from my Winter 8 adventure, to inspire your next one!

  • sun rise SilverStar Jim Barr
    The sun rises on a new year - how will you make it your best?
  • polar bear swim Vernon BC Jim Barr
    -14C polar bear swim anyone?
  • fat biking SilverStar BC Jim Barr
    Tried a new sport as part of the new year kick off, with a fat bike rented from SilverStar.
  • cross-country skiing SilverStar BC Jim Barr
    Nordic skiing equals cardio in nature that few experience.
  • snowshoeing SilverStar BC Jim Barr
    Snowshoe for 2022? Get into it!
  • ice skating SilverStar BC Jim Barr
    First time in skates in 20 years - how will you challenge yourself to set the year off right?
  • snow tubing SilverStar BC Jim Barr
    Silverstar’s tube zone comes with a stellar view!

Skiing, fat biking, cross-country skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, apres… all in one day. That’s what can happen when you follow your North Star to SilverStar; it’s winter on demand around here!

So what plunge are you taking to celebrate 2022’s coldest month?! You gonna break 50 ski days this season? Keep us posted at #SnowSeekers.

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Photo: @fishseye3 on Instagram

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