Five ways to score winter gold in Quesnel

Cross-country or downhill skiing, Quesnel sits at the centre of a winter playground, home to the 2024 BC Winter Games, with history and culture steeped in gold and awaiting your visit. #SkiNorthBC Getaway #exploreQuesnel

Quesnel, BC - Are you ready to find solid gold this winter? Welcome to Quesnel BC, a city that sits at the start of the Barkerville Highway which flows north to Troll Ski Resort, the town of Wells BC and a story that’s been a Hollywood blockbuster in the making for well over a century. And for 2024, Quesnel is welcoming the BC Winter Games!

This is gold country, and it comes in two forms around here: the one that sells for over $1,800 an ounce, or the ultimate, that priceless white gold… POWDER!

Watch Quesnel's Winter Gold, #skinorthbc on YouTube.

Here’s five ways to make your next #SkiNorthBC Getaway a gold rush when you go #exploreQuesnel.

1. Go cross-country skiing at Hallis Lake Nordic Centre
Ski the 75 km of trails at Hallis Lake Nordic Centre, 2024 BC Winter Games venue.

Hallis Lake is a venue for the 2024 BC Winter Games. Volunteers with the Cariboo Ski Touring Club (who operate the venue) have spent years building this place up into a nordic nirvana. Seventy-five kilometres of groomed trail (8km of those dog trails) and lots of solid lookouts onto Hallis Lake all await those nordic ski seekers. 

For Prince George’s Angela Shymanski, who experienced the trails (and our #5 from this list), it's a tough call between nordic and downhill skiing which one she’d pick if she could only take one. But fortunately for her, and others like her, Quesnel’s winter activities are all in reasonably close proximity. 

Through the winter season the Cariboo Nordic club offer onsite nordic ski rentals.

2. Après at Barkerville Brewery
Barkerville Brewing has announced a new beer celebrating Troll Ski Resort's expansion.

Another original to BC’s craft beer scene, this craft brewery has unearthed a flavour gold rush given their array of award winning barley sandwiches, themed to the history of the area.

In 2023, the brewery brought in a new beer celebrating the expansion of Troll Ski Resort.

“Back in the day, there was a roadhouse on the site of Troll Ski Resort," explains Meghan Lackey, the brewery's general manager.

"It played host to gold miners who were on the hunt and needed to quench their thirst. Many years later, now Troll Ski Resort is expanding, and will include a Roadhouse as one of their new hospitality venues.

"This beer recognizes our past while celebrating the fun at Troll,” she says.

3. Enjoy a cozy stay in Quesnel
The Billy Barker Hotel lets you carry the gold theme throughout your stay.

Where to stay? Quesnel has a bunch of comfortable spots to lay your head while you recharge after a day of prospecting for all the golden winter potentials around here.

Find white gold in Quesnel this winter

The Billy Barker Hotel allows you to stay true to the golden theme with its colourful and thematic exterior and the charm of its rooms.

4. Get geared up at Rocky Peak Quesnel. 
Rocky Peak Outfitters is the local go-to gear shop.

This locals' shop fuels the heartbeat of most of Quesnel’s adventure prospectors.

“Coolest shop, with so many great gear items, friendly staff. It’s cool how their shop sits alongside a bunch of other hidden gems, these unique boutique shops in the heart of the City,” says Shymanski.

5. Go skiing at Troll Ski Resort
Troll Ski Resort boasts big terrain with a community feel.

And last but certainly not least, let the soul of Troll Ski Resort sink in. Fifty years of toasty cinnamon welcomes you as you enter its handcrafted day lodge; you can trust another round of buns is in the oven. 

“I am not sure what their staff training is like at Troll, but whoever is doing it does a really good job. Every single one of the people at Troll were there to help us and went over and above to do so," Shymanski praised.

"I’ve only seen that once before down in Idaho, where staff were so welcoming and helpful.” 

“I am a bit of a nervous winter driver and the highway had no traffic and was well maintained. It was closer than I thought it was driving Prince George to Troll,” says Shymanski.

Shymanski’s last suggestion “just get on the road, go make some memories, Quesnel and Troll is a perfect place to do it!"

When you Go

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