Cruise into winter in Hinton for skiing, biking, snowshoeing

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Hinton is a gateway to outdoor adventure, on the doorstep of two major parks - Jasper National Park and William A. Switzer Provincial Park - with trails for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and fat biking all near town. With everything so close, you can make it all happen in a day - like this adventure couple did!

Hinton, AB - From the Athabasca Lookout in William A. Switzer Provincial Park near Hinton, sun emblazons the Rockies pink and gold, and hastens on a full day of adventure for Kayla Watson and Ben Shuttleworth.

The viewpoint is a steep, short one-kilometre hike and you have to get an early start to catch the sunrise, but the reward is worth it. The couple’s legs are warmed up now and ready for some cross-country skiing, and the Hinton Nordic Centre’s network of groomed backcountry trails are just a couple kilometres back down the road from the Lookout trailhead.

The pair have a busy day ahead and this is just the beginning. Like a lesser-known version of Canmore, Hinton is positioned at the gateway to the Rockies. While many just drive through on their way to Jasper, others like Watson and Shuttleworth have discovered a wealth of outdoor opportunity right out their own backyard.

Since meeting while working together on a cruise ship in 2016, the two have traveled extensively together. But when it came time to set down roots, Watson convinced the UK native Shuttleworth to return to her hometown in Hinton, AB.

“My first time seeing the mountains coming up from Edmonton, it’s quite picturesque,” Shuttleworth says. “My first impression was just ‘wow.’”

“It’s such a hidden gem” says Watson, of her hometown. “There’s just so much here - outdoor activities, restaurants, hotels, there are just so many options. We’ve been back here for over a year, and there’s still so many hikes and things I haven’t gotten to yet."

Hinton AB Nordic Centre #SkiNorthAB Cross Country Skiing
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Skiing at the Hinton Nordic Centre.

Take the Nordic centre, which recently upgraded their ski trails to meet elite level criteria for hosting national and international competitions, while still accommodating all levels of skiers. From the day lodge, green, blue and black skiing loops spread out across the side of the foothills, meandering through the forested terrain. 

Watson and Shuttleworth pass a local elementary school group, out for a morning of learning to ski, and then climb winding turns among spruce and pine before racing to a photo finish back down at the lodge. 


Hinton holds its own when it comes to well-developed and maintained winter trails for winter activities of all kinds, not just skiing.

Next to the Nordic centre the community-built Hinton Bike Park is easily among the town’s best attractions, drawing riders from around the region. A 10-minute ride up the hill from Vicious Cycle, the local bike shop, and the two adventurers are bombing flow track on well packed, purpose-built trail.

Hinton AB Bike Park Fat Biking
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Fat biking at Hinton Bike Park.

Yet more trail extends along the upper bench through the Happy Creek trail system and the Beaver Boardwalk. In summer the marshes are only navigable by boardwalk or by the trails ringing the upper banks, due to the beaver activity (thus the name).

In winter, you can explore the marshland and frozen lake by snowshoe, skirting cattails and marshes, and the snowbanks pushed up around the pond hockey clearings.

Hinton AB Beaver Boardwalk #SkiNorthAB snowshoeing
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Snowshoeing at the Beaver Boardwalk in Hinton.

After a full day of snowshoeing, skiing, hiking and fat biking, Watson and Shuttleworth wind it down with brews and poutine at Folding Mountain Brewing. Late afternoon sun floods the room through the big west-facing windows, looking off towards the Rockies once again. 


There’s a feeling here in Hinton, at the gateway to the mountains, of being always on the precipice of a new adventure. The high lounge chairs at Folding Mountain are a great place to drink it all in (pun intended). 

“I never get used to the views,” says Shuttleworth, the UK import. “Coming from a different perspective, you can really admire where you are and what you get to do.” 

Hinton AB Folding Mountain Brewery #SkiNorthAB
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Well-earned taproom time at Folding Mountain in Hinton.


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