Cool off with fall 2023 ski movie trailers


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Snow is starting to fall, ski resorts are announcing opening dates and the ski movie trailers are dropping. Tours and premieres are on their way.

Check out these clips to get yourself stoked to break out the wax and boots early this November. 

The Land of Giants / Matchstick Productions

Matchstick Productions pumps out some of the most stoke worthy skiing videos and we look forward to every time they drop a video because they get us stoked to hit the slopes!

Matchstick Productions takes you into the mountains, or into the Land of Giants, in this year's feature ski film! “A community of people that just love sliding on snow” conquering the mountains of Alaska, Japan and lots in between!

Watch The Land of Giants: Official Trailer on YouTube.

Where to see it: Matchstick Productions Legend Has it 2023 tour dates

Sadly, one of Matchstick's giants has fallen, with the death of former Matchstick pro skier Robb Gaffney (brother of MSP producer Scott Gaffney). If you attend a premiere, be sure to cheer extra loud so he can hear you up in the Heavenly halls of Squallywood. 

All Time / Warren Miller Entertainment

A legend in the ski film game, Warren Miller Entertainment pumps out some epic ski films and this new teaser for the next film just dropped!

All Time celebrates 75 years since the company’s namesake first picked up a camera and started making movies, more or less kickstarting the entire genre.

Watch Warren Miller's ALL TIME - 2023 Film Teaser on YouTube.

Unified / HEAD Ski

For the first time, the Head Freeskiing team has their own feature film! Unified shows off just how epic these freeskiers are taking it.

“From endless deep powder and staircases of heavenly pillows, to iconic spine filled peaks, this spirited and dynamic team takes you on a lighthearted journey through the 2023 season and the shared experiences that unite them.” 

Watch UNIFIED - HEAD Freeskiing Team Movie - Trailer on YouTube.

Where to see it: TBA, follow HEAD for premiere tour information and feature film release date. @head_ski @head_freeskiing #HEADFreeskiing

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Abstract / Faction Collective

Meet some of the innovators of freestyle who populate the Faction crew. With every new release, Faction captures cinematic skiing at its best. Here’s their 2023 trailer for Abstract.

Watch Abstract | Official Teaser (4K) on YouTube.

Fortune Hunters / Blank Collective

From the makers of Tales From Cascadia, comes Fortune Hunters; a ski film chasing epic pow, and hunting the best line yet. The great thing about running a ski film company, you can star in your own film!

When you’re as tough of an athlete as Sea-to-Sky based skiers, Stan Rey and Alexi Godbout, the combo of skiing epic lines and running their own film company, Blank Collective, it just makes sense.

Watch Fortune Hunters - Official Trailer - 4K - Blank Collective Films on YouTube.

Advice for Girls /  Storyteller Overland

The face of ski movies has been changing in recent years, but has it changed enough? Skier Addy Jacobsend is challenging the status quo of “one woman is enough” in a ski film.

Advice for Girls is proud to feature an entirely womxn-identifying athlete and crew roster. Featuring advice and epic-ness from three generations of women in skiing, the pioneers, the present and the next generation, this film is sure to inspire, and “will remind women and girls of all ages that they are worthy of success, allowed to take up space, and are extremely valuable to the ski industry."

Watch Advice for Girls - An All-Women Ski Film - Official Trailer on YouTube.

Here, Hold My Kid / The Fifty

What do you get when a bunch of epic skiers are just doing life together? This film.

Professional skiers Elyse Saugstad and Jackie Paaso team up to make this heartfelt ski movie that shares how they can continue their ski careers while taking on new challenges in parenthood alongside husbands Cody Townsend and Reine Barkered.

Every social post we’ve seen about this film being released has highlighted how funny and real it is, so to say we’re looking forward to it is an understatement.

Watch Here, Hold My Kid - Official TEASER to Full Film on YouTube.

Where to see it: tour dates TBD (stay tuned!)

The Fifty Project / The Fifty (Cody Townsend)

Ski "husband" Cody Townsend is actually pretty accomplished in his own right, too. His docu-series/expedition steps out of the norm of the annual ski movie produced by the best brands with the best athletes.

This series shares the epic adventures from the mountains of Alaska to Colorado, California to Baffin Island, all of which have at least one historical descent, but no one has climbed and skied them all.

In the past four years, Townsend has checked off 42 out of 50. Will this be the year he completes the list? Follow along and see!

Watch The FIFTY - 2023 TEASER - Season 5 - New Lines, New Episodes, New Adventures...Coming Soon. on YouTube.

Legend Has It / Teton Gravity Research

TGR is a powerhouse, now 28 years in. With Legend Has it, the production house gives a nod to the legends of skiing, including a few of its own creation.

Legendary athletes, record breaking snowfalls and exploring the towering giants of steep mountains with epic lines. For almost 30 years, Teton Gravity Research has continued to bring the stoke in their films, and this year isn’t any different.

From the pow stashes of BC, to the steep lines in Alaska, to the adventures to be found in Pakistan, Legend Has It is a ski film you’re going to want to see this season!

Watch Legend Has It (2023) | Official Trailer [4K] on YouTube.

As you know, we say it's never too early to start doing snow dances and waxing your boards and skis!

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