Cool off with fall 2023 ski movie trailers

With a heatwave in effect in BC, and hot days in Alberta too, the heat has probably made you forget about lodge fries and the feeling of carving fresh pow. Which is why now is the perfect time to remind yourself why we put up with the Canadian heat for half of the year and what is coming for you this winter!

Check out these clips to get yourself stoked to break out the wax and boots early this November. Or at very least, cool off in this crazy heat.

The Land of Giants / Matchstick Productions

Matchstick Productions pumps out some of the most stoke worthy skiing videos and we look forward to every time they drop a video because they get us stoked to hit the slopes!

Since launching Anywhere from Here, their last full-length in 2022, the crew has been exploring some of the most sought-out locations for big mountain skiing, in the Sacred Grounds series. 

WATCH: The Sacred Ground, Part Four

Their next feature, The Land of Giants, drops this fall (trailer not yet out).

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All Time / Warren Miller Entertainment

A legend in the ski film game, Warren Miller Entertainment pumps out some epic ski films and this new teaser for the next film just dropped!

All Time celebrates 75 years since the company’s namesake first picked up a camera and started making movies, more or less kickstarting the entire genre.

TRAILER: All Time, Warren Miller / Outside Studios

Abstract / Faction Collective

Meet some of the innovators of freestyle who populate the Faction crew. With every new release, Faction captures cinematic skiing at its best. Here’s their 2023 trailer for Abstract.

TRAILER: Abstract, Faction Collective

Nearly Nowhere, Ep. 4 / Helly Hansen

Sometimes we show you clips to get you excited for what we want you to get up to, like our videos from Powder King Mountain Resort, but sometimes we say, “Leave this one to the pros.”

WATCH: Nearly Nowhere, Episode 4 - Simon Hillis

The Freeride World Tour, Kicking Horse BC 2023 / GoPRO LIVE

Throwing it back to last season, the FWT came to our backyard last winter, making a stop at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. For those in the know, the tour is one of the major feeders into the pro ski industry, a chance for up-and-comers to break into the ranks, sometimes landing parts in your next fave ski movie. 

You can relive the action that went down live on YouTube and on the piste!

WATCH: FWT 2023, Kicking Horse BC

Legend Has It / Teton Gravity Research

TGR is a powerhouse, now 28 years in. With Legend Has it, the production house gives a nod to the legends of skiing, including a few of its own creation.

No official trailer out as of mid-August but you can find some cool “in the making edits” here.

#seekersambassador stoke

And it wouldn’t be SnowSeekers if we didn’t remind you of what is coming for us this winter! And what better way than with a #seekersambassador reel from @Caseyy_Adventures2, from last season at Marmot Basin in Alberta!

As you know, we say it's never too early to start doing snow dances and waxing your boards and skis!

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