Take a minute to scroll through our stories researched by some of Canada's best writers, bloggers and influencers. They have experienced every B.C. and Alberta mountain resort to bring you the latest news on your favourite snow destinations. They explored the runs, glades and backcountry but also dug deep to bring you the details about other activities to round out your day or ski vacation. In B.C., learn about the snowshoe trails in Golden, the ice climbing wall at Big White, the cross-country trails at Sun Peaks or the fat-tire biking at Kimberley. In Alberta tempt yourself with the stories about cat-skiing at Castle Mountain, après ski fun in Banff National Park and fine dining at the top of Norquay. Don't forget the hidden gems in Northern BC and yes, the prairies of Alberta - we've decided they shouldn't be secrets anymore. Click and #DareToExplore.

  • Picture this, it’s the 1800s and gold is the topic of every conversation. There were stories of an enchanting place in the Cariboo region that offered a great deal of wealth and a chance for a new life.

  • If you think forecasting the weather is difficult, try forecasting an avalanche. Every ski resort where snow can fall in heaps, drift, freeze, thaw, grow a lip, grow a crust or blow is in danger of an avalanche. So, they all should employ a safety team who will do their absolute best at reading the forecast and how the snow is acting. Because when a slope decides to slip, it’s not a snow-globe of fluff. It’s nasty and it can kill.

  • Pincher Creek, AB – You know how folks in Pincher Creek know it’s going to be a great day for a hike? The sun is shining, and the rows of wind turbines are making lazy loops on the horizon. In the summer, those days are abundant.

  • Ok, I’ll tell you right now, heading out to #SkiPowTown is an adventure you will remember for a long time coming – if not for the rest of your life.

  • Spring skiing at Castle is a must. Grooming is impeccable and the legendary Tamarack RedChair takes skiers to the resort's top elevation of 7,463 feet, opening up access to a number of incredible areas, including long cruisers, glades, bowls and chutes.

  • Golden, B.C. – As you walk through the produce section of your favourite grocery store, plopping lettuce and spinach into your basket, think about what it takes to get those tender leaves to Eagle’s Eye Restaurant at the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, just outside Golden B.C. It’s 7,700 feet above sea level and it’s not that easy says the chef in charge if it all.

  • Get to know Canada’s sunniest city filled with cafes, breweries and a winter wilderness only minutes away.

  • You’d have to be a knucklehead to think that there’s any skiing near Powell River. At least, that’s what North Vancouver adventurer, Ean Jackson thought before tagging along with the SnowSeekers crew to explore a rumoured “Pow Town” backcountry zone at the upper end of the Sunshine Coast. 

  • Enjoy the great outdoors on the ice at Lake Newell and try your hand at ice fishing, then head to Brooks to enjoy the craft beer and coffee scene.

  • Our two-day itinerary has you using Pincher Creek as your hub for winter activities.

  • Our two-day historic tour takes you to some of Southern Alberta’s most spectacular historical sites, but one thing is missing – the summer-time crowds. The centres are yours to explore at a leisurely pace.

  • Kimberley, B.C. – Kimberley Alpine Resort is the perfect place for a family ski escape. Just over four hours from Calgary, it’s nestled right in the heart of the Powder Highway that makes the Kootenays famous. As you’d expect, 15cm fell the day before we arrived and, as we strapped in at the bottom of the North Star chair for our day on the slopes, big fat flakes started to fall again.

  • Cranbrook, B.C. – Millennial entrepreneurs are tearing a strip off Cranbrook, breathing fresh life into downtown and turning it into a four-season recreational hub. At just over four hours from Calgary down through the Crowsnest Pass, I had packed up my sons to see what Cranbrook has to offer for a family winter weekend escape.

  • Some legends speak for themselves. In the alpine world, it comes down to champagne powder, steeps and deeps, yet still family-friendly. We know of two in southern B.C. that come with pedigrees steeped in history and once you've experienced them, you'll keep going back for more.

  • Legends speak for themselves and B.C.’s Powder Highway is just such a one. The highway seams together the world’s most concentrated collection of snow destinations, making it every skier’s and rider’s favourite road trip.