Spoiler alert: mountain-themed April Fool's jokes around Western Canada

BREAKING: In the single biggest announcement of the Western Canada ski season, independent Vancouver Island ski hill Mount Cain announced that it would be partnering with Vail Resorts.

And that is hands down the best April Fool’s joke we saw in the 2022 Western Canada mountain scene from April 1, 2022. 

But it wasn’t the only one. From squirrel magic to a giant Bear’s Hump slide, here’s some of the best. 

Snow! Really, we promise!

Marketing dilemma: what do you do when it snows six inches at your ski resort on April Fool's Day?

Red Lodge Mountain went with the honest approach. 


The Belk Rises Again 

Early sightings of the famed creature were confirmed by Banff National Park.

So that’s why it’s a “magic” carpet

And it only costs peanuts to run…

No fooling: sign up for SnowSeekers enews, for the latest in Western Canada skiing and snow fun.

And the winner: Mount Cain

A $799 Premium Parking pass, overpriced wholesale meat sandwiches and overworked employees… just a few of the new perks promised by Mount Cain in their announcement today:

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