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Cold Lake, AB – Kinosoo Ridge is a ski and snowboard destination that makes magic happen and now that it’s spring, that magic is happening in every learn to ride and ski camps the hill is hosting this month.

It's tempting to hit a local apres hotspot after a day on the slopes or on the trails, but have you ever considered a visit to a museum? Not only do you keep your muscles loose while walking around, but you can learn some pretty cool things. Like travel wasn't always so easy back in the day.

I had intended to do a little snowshoeing in the area and do a quick tour of the museum, but my plans were thwarted by the most interesting conversation I've had in a long time. Have you noticed how some of the people you meet you will never forget.

Pincher Creek, AB – You know how folks in Pincher Creek know it’s going to be a great day for a hike? The sun is shining, and the rows of wind turbines are making lazy loops on the horizon. In the summer, those days are abundant.

Spring skiing at Castle is a must. Grooming is impeccable and the legendary Tamarack RedChair takes skiers to the resort's top elevation of 7,463 feet, opening up access to a number of incredible areas, including long cruisers, glades, bowls and chutes.

Get to know Canada’s sunniest city filled with cafes, breweries and a winter wilderness only minutes away.

Kinosoo Ridge is a ski and snowboard destination that makes magic happen almost hourly, every single day. For Kinosoo camp goer, Cohen Petranic, the magic-making efforts resulted in his best day…ever.

Across the province of Alberta, there is a bounty of destinations for stellar snowshoeing, but there is only one where you can snowshoe while literally walking through history.

As the ice gets thinner on Lake Newell and those who like to drop a line in a fishing hole start leaving the lake, you might think there’s not much left to do during the tail-end of the winter season. You would be mistaken.

Fort McMurray, home to the planet’s most densely populated grove of trees. Ok, I just want to get this out of the way up front. We know in 2016, Fort McMurray was home to one of the worst wildfire disasters in Canadian history, but Mother Nature is back. Please be advised, the winter experience is alive and well around here as per this account of the winter bliss we discovered in one of the world's biggest forests.