You’re gonna heart Powder King Mountain Resort


For many years Powder King ski resort prided itself on not having cell service or wifi. People actually had to chat with each other on the chairlift. Maybe that's why this powder paradise is so full of heart. #skinorthbc

OPENING NOV 23, 2023 *tentative - Powder King Mountain Resort brings a whole new meaning to “having heart.” Being in the north takes a warm heart to journey you through to the other side of their legendary winters.

These traits together—heart and warmth—have been the recipe for Powder King since its start, and has built out this powderhound life changing destination to full resort status.

“Powder King gives you this freeing feeling. Surrounded by vast mountain peaks flying through the deepest powder you can imagine,” explains local Kara Pidherny. “It's really hard to describe the feeling I get being so lucky to have Powder King in our backyard, it is surreal.”

Watch All heart at Powder King #SkiNorthBC on YouTube.

We at SnowSeekers have been shredding Powder King for years and watching it grow. Over summer of 2023, that's included a daylodge expansion that is now nearing completion as the hill readies for its target opening day on Nov 23, 2023.

Every time I go there I am reminded of what it means to be part of a true ski community.

Kara Pidherny and friends share a laugh on the lift.

Pidherny and her gals are regulars to the King, but for our photographer Evan Dux, it was his first visit after his recent move north to Prince George out of Nelson.

“On Powder King’s slopes you can pretty much see till you can't see any further. If you turned the camera here you’d see right down the other way of the valley,’ describes Dux on the image below. “What sets Powder King apart are these massive views.’

When the skies open, you can see forever from Powder King's slopes.
Northern hospitality

For Dux, and with this recent move it's been easy to experience the Northern hospitality in full effect.

“When I think about the North vs the South, the difference in the travel experience is that I’d say people pay more attention here in the North. The team at Powder King make sure you are looked after, they generally care that you are having a good time.”

Score pow and good times at Powder King

As Dux goes on to explain, in most southern ski spots across the province, people are used to seeing lots of travelers.

“Unlike here, when you come to travel to Powder King, locals really notice that and for making that travel choice to come North, they want to be hospitable and show those skiers or riders a good time. The Powder King experience comes with a lot of heart,” says Dux.

Apres in the PK lounge brings together those friends on a powder day.

Similar to the comments made by local Tyler Dinsdale in this #skiNorthBC getaway story on Troll Ski Resort (3.5 hours between each other), Dux was in a giving mode considering this deluxe Powder King hospitality, “this place is a solid nine out of ten.

"The team working here has great energy to share, and their awesome makes me awesome and I want to give that awesome back to them.”

Above is Dux’s favorite shot from the Powder King shoot, “you could so easily turn this picture into one of those animated postcards that you see about Whistler or Banff” he explains.

“I like this shot because I think it really shows off everything the hill has to offer. Great views, awesome runs, uncrowded terrain, and a cozy little lodge, this is Powder King Resort.”

When you Go

Getting to Powder King
As Pidhenry describes, “Powder King is about two hours from Prince George with a beautiful drive along the Crooked River and frozen lakes to driving through the Pine Pass. You're almost guaranteed to see wildlife on your drive. We saw two moose this trip!”

Where to stay when slaying PK

  • Those driving up from the south, you can make it two nights in Prince George (we recommend the Prestige Treasure Cove and do a day trip to Powder King.
  • Or, check in for a few days on site as the resort offers more than a few accommodation options. The resort owns Azouzetta Lake Lodge, less than five minutes down the road. 
    PRO TIP: the Azouzetta serves up fresh donuts and some of the best eggs benny you will ever have, both served daily out of their delicious on-site restaurant.

More stories of the Powder King experience can be found off this SnowSeekers destination page.

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