Troll Ski Resort is growing into its own

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By Doc Pow for #SkiNorthBC

Barkerville Highway, BC – Growth; it’s an important aspect of human nature. Whether that growth is personal, in terms of picking up a new skill, learning a new way of life or in the case of a ski resort, the addition of new terrain and fresh amenities.

Up in the Cariboo Region of B.C., about 45 minutes east of Quesnel, you will find a tribe of doers, people who are always moving forward.

Unplug and dive into another world at Troll. Get planning..

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“It’s in our human DNA to develop and grow,” explains Hildur Sinclair, Troll Ski Resort’s owner and daughter of the 1970s founder. “You sit still and you atrophy, and with being in the happy business, it’s our job to encourage and inspire people to get out and ski.”

For Sinclair and her team, that encouragement and inspiration is translating into a whole new part of their massive ski tenure, so everyone can come up and play at a resort that is definitely much bigger than you think.

Photo: Doc Pow

“With the addition of Silver Bowl, I know everyone is going to be able to come ski and find fresh tracks through 2:30pm in the afternoon,” says a stoked Alison Hoskins, a long-time member of the Prince George Ski Club, as we are riding the lift together on a recent #SkiNorthBC visit.

There was a pretty healthy group of us skiing Troll together and when we came across the new terrain, many of us for the first time, we were all gob-smacked a just how much terrain is back there.

Photo: Doc Pow

For folks out of Prince George, only two hours away, many have considered Troll as the “little ski place” that could. Hildur and her team are working hard to bust out of those small ski hill stereotypes, building their way into a destination resort. When it's paired with time in Quesnel, Wells and the historic Barkerville (all within an hour of each other), Troll and the famous Barkerville Highway becomes a place you could spend a week discovering this winter. 

Troll’s growth isn’t restricted to the on-slopes experience. Troll's Landing is home to the Troll Trailer Park and what will be Troll’s Tiny Home village. Directly across the from the resort, these Troll Tiny Homes (for rent on AirBnB) will provide you with a cosy stay and put you in the pole position for what will be some stellar adventures.

Photo: Nancy Shields

Troll is pretty incredible place. You have this epic ski experience and then you come down to a communal fire pit for Après and within minutes, the people you meet feel like family,” said Ed Hausot also with the Prince George Ski Club.

Experience acres of terrain that overlooks the Historic Barkerville Highway. Experience a historical region that, in the1800s, was saw over two BILLIION dollars’ worth of gold extracted during its heyday. Sure people are still panning and exploring for gold, but you can discover a whole other kind of gold – white gold.

As Hauost and Hoskins explained for anyone out of Prince George, Troll makes for the perfect day trip, especially with its mid-week skiing opportunities, where it will literally be you and a handful of snow seekers.

Photo: Nancy Shields

When You Go

Book your stay on site at Troll through the AirBnB listing, and If you are looking to accommodate a bigger group, keep in mind Quesnel is only 40 mins down the road.

Base out of the Troll Tiny Town Village or up the road grab a pint of Barkerville Lager from the craft brewery and get into the action found in the City of Quesnel - its less then an hour and has tons of hotel options.


Plan to stay a few days and definitely get out to experience Silver Bowl, but also dive into the history of this region. Explore Barkerville and the community of Wells; to learn about the gold rush days and discover why this area is the reason the province of B.C. is in Canada. Be prepared – you never know who you will meed. During our visit we got to rip the slopes with our friend, Beat from the Timber Kings, who skis so much at Troll, he has a cabin right next to the slopes.

Troll Ski Resort is on the grow, expand your world and book in an adventure there today!

Troll is within the Cariboo Regional District, home to a buffet of winter options for any winter adventurer, know and go here!

Outside of the brewery, Quesnel is home to a bounty of nordic ski, fat biking and snowshoe trails, uncovered in this recent Gold City story.

Barkerville is within 10 mins of the community of Wells, home to its own outstanding array of adventures and accommodation options- learn more from this Doc Pow story.

Learn more about what B.C. has in store for you this winter by searching #SkiNorthBC or visit our  #SkiNorthBC expedition page , where more stories and videos will be coming out all season long.

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