Rock your ski trip with #MoreCowbell playlist winter 2023-24

The SnowSeekers community is a good-vibes-only kind of crew, and that’s just the kind of magic we need for an El Niño winter. Did you see the snow dance trend that resorts across Western Canada jumped on?

Sure, you might have some sick moves, but what’s your ski season soundtrack? We’ve teamed up with the awesome SnowSeekers community to craft the ultimate SnowSeekers 2023/2024 Playlist.

It’s ready to get you hyped in the car on the way, in the flow when you get there, and feeling sendy all ‘skison’ (ski + season? It’s a thing, just roll with it).

Buckle up—it's about to get groovy.

LISTEN: click play to check out your new soundtrack to the 2023-24 ski season, as you read on for the highlights

After you press play, imagine cruising to the peaks with the sun on your face and then your skis touching down on that first, glorious run.

This playlist is your backstage pass to an epic winter wonderland. You’re in for some mesmerizing beats of Pacific Air to the heart-pounding rhythms of Kid Cudi and dipping into classic rock, K-pop, and some go-to-sing-along hits.

Let the shred and our Snowked playlist put you in the mood.

Picture this: carving down the slopes with tunes that match the rhythm of your heartbeat, each track handpicked to amplify the thrill of the ride.

As the sun dips below the peaks, the playlist seamlessly transitions to the après-ski scene. Social House's "Magic in the Hamptons" sets the mood for fireside chats and cozy cabin hangs. And when the moon takes center stage, The Sword's "Winters Wolves" adds an extra layer of mystique to your night ride.

Feeling sendy?

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This playlist isn't just a collection of songs; it's your winter soundtrack, your companion on the journey from the city to the summit and everywhere in between.

Let's turn up the volume on this season and make every run memorable. Stay snoked (snow+stoked) and ride on, my friends! #MoreCowbell

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