Powder King More Than Lives Up To Its Name

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When I spent my first season on the west coast five years ago, the weather was terrible. We were skunked out by rain every day, and there was no snow. I kept seeing videos of people up at Powder King, without a care in the world, enjoying the mounds of fresh snow, the good times, and perfect pow turns. 

Since then, I've always been tempted to get to Powder King and it seemed like the perfect road trip. I made a promise to myself that I would trek north to visit the famous in skiing and riding circles, Powder King, whose big claim to fame is living up to its name for its crazy good snow. 

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I was not disappointed because this was one of the most massive days on a resort I’ve ever had. The snow I had the joy of playing in brings these adjectives to mind: blower, endless, champagne, cold smoke. Need I say more? The evidence was in the quality of the snow. 

Powder King Ski North BC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

Face shots are the norm at Powder King. 

The other thing I loved about Powder King - no cell reception - allowing for a digitally untethered connection to the terrain. I didn’t touch my phone all day and loved not being distracted by pings from Instagram, texts or Facebook. It can be called the perfect day trip from Prince George, a doable two-hour drive. You’ll want to leave in the dark to get there early and leave the resort in the dark to maximize your turns. 

Powder King Ski North BC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

Yay, no cell reception! We love it that your tech doesn't distract you from the snow. 

Talking to Drew, a board instructor based at Powder King, I could tell he was more than smitten with his job at Powder King for a few reasons. “It’s amazing teaching kids here because no one is on their phone; everyone has their full attention to the sport and the instructor. We’re here to snowboard, the connection is authentic, it’s really hard to find that nowadays.” 

We had a funny moment when we saw a satellite phone sitting on the balcony as if someone had forgotten it. When we went to bring it to reception, two people stopped us and told us they were waiting for a text from their kids to tell them a specific meet-up time. What this told me is that the parents were having so much fun, they were here to milk as many pow turns as they could and not make the mistake of leaving too early! 

Powder King Ski North BC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

We are not kidding about the epic amount of snow like this around the A-frame cabins for rent.

Now that Powder King is on my radar, there is no doubt I’ll be back to get some more of those perfect turns that I’d been fantasizing about. That feeling of powder face shots is hard to beat. Correction! There is nothing better. I don’t know about you, but when you can amp up your turn with a good "YIPEE" it tells everyone you’re loving it. Don’t hesitate to check this temple of snow out. It is the perfect road trip for the blower snow fix we all need. 

A few things to know about Powder King:

  • No cell reception (if you have a SAT phone, bring it!)
  • Bring a snorkel! LOL
  • Check out Cafe 97. It has beautiful A-frame cabins for rent.
  • Don’t forget to rush to the hill, because the lift lines are a whole 0 seconds long!
  • And, definitely try the pulled chicken sandwich at the restaurant! 

When You Go

If you are heading to Powder King, we at SnowSeekers want to remind you to always ski with a buddy and a whistle. Our advice is to "ski with a buddy" which is easy because it's easy to make friends here. The whistle is a must, considering the tree wells here are DEEP because of the bounty of POW waiting on almost every run. For more on Powder King and to check into Powder Town, ski over to www.PowderKing.com

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Powder King, the legend, is only hours away with WestJet making more stops into Prince George now and other spots across Canada’s West via WestJet.

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SnowSeekers suggestion #RoadTrip2020! Link Powder King, Grande Prairie/Nitehawk (home to a surf park, yes surfing in winter) and Marmot Basin, Jasper.

Move into Powder Town - stay well, book now and see your soul soar https://stay.powderking.com/cabins-suites/

For more on what’s in store for you when you ski the King, head over to our SnowSeekers Powder King pages.

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