Jasper, Wide Open for Skiing and Winter Adventure

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Jasper's Marmot Basin in the Alberta Rockies is one of the top destinations for skiing and snowboarding for those who prefer to escape the crowds. There are plenty of activities off the hill too - fatbiking, skating, snowshoeing... create your own adventure here, and remember to tag #SkiNorthAB to share it with us! 

Jasper, AB - Fresh snow on T-Bar ridge beckons as Manu Loir-Mongazon and Jailin Bertolin drop their skis and breathe in the view. Below them awaits the white ballroom. Out beyond, a ring of stoic granite dance partners wait in the wings under endless blue sky.

That wide open, untouched feel is what attracts skiers like Loir-Mongazon and Bertolin to Marmot Basin in Jasper, AB. For them, and others like them, the lack of lines, crowds and general hassle kicks the ski day off right and keeps the vibe going strong. And, of course, fewer crowds also means fewer tracks.

“For people who want to be on their own in the great outdoors, there are still way better opportunities in Jasper than most places I know,” says Loir-Mongazon. “I find Marmot so quiet. You don’t waste any time in line ... so it’s some of the best value and some of the most skiing you can get in a day.”

From parking lot to summit, breathing in the solitude and pristine beauty of Jasper National Park, it can take you as little as 20 minutes. If you’re smart, you can even cut down on that time (and cost) by grabbing a Marmot Escape Card and reloading your lift tickets online with the hill's recently added RFID card system.

Marmot’s natural basin funnels skiers back down to a single area at the base, making it easy for skiers and riders of different abilities to reconnect throughout the day. But if you want to avoid the busier areas, the speedy distribution into the upper mountain means you can stay up high and away from the collectors as long as you like. 


When it’s time to drop down for a bite or a break, the parking lots situated above the base give you ski-in, ski-out access. (Marmot Basin expanded parking in 2022-23, for more ease of access.)

And when it's time to refuel, southward views of the Rocky Mountain trench, towards Lake Louise and Banff, are yours to enjoy from the deck of the lower chalet as you tuck in.

“It creates an atmosphere,” says Bertolin. “I always prefer to be outside and warm.”

Marmot Jasper Alberta #SkiNorthAB lunch
Photo: Paul Lavoie
VIP moment at the Marmot Basin cabanas.

For Loir-Mongazon, though, it’s all about lift-to-ski ratio. As part of his job at Totem Ski Shop in Jasper, he is here today to test the new Salomon fleet, and he intends to put the skis through their paces.


After maxing out their ski day, the pair decide they still have enough juice and daylight for a fatbike ride, so they head for Pyramid Lake. Just a 15 minute drive up the bench from town, the lake is a hub of activity. Skaters circle the ice while couples walk their dogs along the snowy shoreline.

It doesn’t take long, though, to get away from the central gathering areas. Fatbiking is Bertolin’s regular jam, and she paces the ride. 

Jasper Pyramid Lake Alberta #SkiNorthAB fatbiking
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Fatbiking on Pyramid Lake trails

“It doesn’t matter how busy and buzzing town might look, there’s only one or two spots that will be busy,” says Loir-Mongazon. “Push to the next trailhead or the next parking lot and you can find quiet within five minutes.” 

The sun is nestling into the peaks as Bertolin and Loir-Mongazon arrive at a glowing fire, stoked by Michael Lodge of Wild Current Outfitters. Juicy strawberries, freshly baked squares and hot chocolate are waiting for them.

As the fire crackles, Bertolin smiles, “Being outside and comfortable, with good food and a view of the mountains is pretty ideal in my view of the world.”

From summit, trail or fireside, finding those perspectives and relishing them is the lure of a winter visit to Jasper.


  • Grab a Marmot Escape Card to pre-purchase lift tickets and save money.
  • Don’t have the gear? Grab what you need for a Jasper adventure - fatbikes, snowshoes or skates - from the rental cabin at Pyramid Lake Resort and hit the trails right from there.

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