HOW TO: Wax your skis and snowboard


HOW TO: Wax your skis and snowboard


With all this amazing snow you want to dive into #StayStoked for winter! One of the best ways to improve is to break out the wax and get your skis and snowboard gliding like new again. Waxing your skis and boards makes them last longer, go faster and turn more easily. If you've never waxed before, watch the videos below and learn the basics. 

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What you'll need

Wax: if this is your first time waxing, pick up a stick of all-purpose (all-weather) wax at your local ski shop or outdoor store.

Iron: Feel free to use an old iron at home, or buy a ski-tuning iron. Make sure there is no water in the reservoir – you want the iron to be very hot and dry – no steam!

Metal or plastic scraper: Make sure to pick up a scraper from your local ski shops, the ones found at the shops will not damage the base of your skis or board.

Brush and cloth: a soft brush is important for wiping away wax shavings, and a damp cloth will remove dirt and dust from bases.

Getting started

Gently clean off the base of your skis or snowboard. Make sure to remove dirt, extra humidity, and dust before you wax. This will ensure you get the most coverage of fresh wax on your plank(s).

Remove your bindings so you have a stable surface to work with while applying the wax. 

Applying the wax

With your iron hot and wax in hand, start dripping wax around the outer edges, this is where your snowboard and skis base will be the driest.

Move across the board or ski in a pattern to get an equal amount of wax over the base. Spread the wax across the base with the iron, until the entire base is covered. Make sure to keep the iron moving so that you prevent your base from getting too hot and potentially burning from the hot iron.

Turn off your iron, and let the wax cool and absorb into the base for a half hour to an hour.

Scraping the wax

With your metal or plastic scraper begin scraping off any excess wax from your base.  Make sure to scrape off any wax that may have been applied to your edges. After that, give your base a good brush to remove any particles, this will bring out the texture of your freshly waxed skis or snowboard and will make you go faster once you hit the slopes on opening day.

Lastly, put your bindings back on, mark your calendars and you'll be set for the 2018/19 season.

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