Fly to Smithers, land in Hudson Bay Mountain powder

Kerri Hunter uncovered the ease of a Smithers ski holiday, when she took the plane from Vancouver to Smithers BC powder early in the new year for an unforgettable ski getaway. #SkiNorthBC #SmithersVibe 

What does it mean when you arrive at a destination and feel that you are at home, surrounded by people who are grateful that you are there? Welcome to Smithers, BC, home to Hudson Bay Mountain Resort.

“Smithers has soul, you know why? All the structures and buildings are unique—not even three stories,” explains Squamish-based Kerri Hunter remarking on her recent Smithers ski trip that kicked off her new year. 

“Coming off the airplane it was a winter wonderland as soon as you landed,” described Hunter. “We drove in snow, no pavement, just snow from the airport into town.” 

Watch #skinorthBC Plane to Powder; destination Smithers on YouTube.

Smithers is SnowSeekers first stop in our three-part #SkiNorthBC destination series. Hunter and a ton of Smithereens want you to take a new call and head north this season. The challenge? Mix it up with a getaway to Smithers.

YVR to Smithers is smooth sailing

“Since getting back home I have had friends commenting on social and asking me, so how was it, was it easy to get there?” says Sea-to-Sky based Hunter, a snow seeker who responded to our talent call to make the trip and flew from YVR to a winter wonderland.

Smithers Airport is just 20 minutes from powder glory on the mountain.

Smithers is nestled within the Hazelton Mountain Range of Northern BC and home to Hudson Bay Mountain Resort and a town stoked in ski soul.

“The hill is so spread out, with double-wide runs, straight fall lines and plenty of room—you feel very free when you ski here,” describes Hunter.

Fly in to Smithers for an epic ski & stay getaway

“We skied wide open in powder that was light and to top it off, I don’t even know if I have ever skied that kind of grooming before, because I had never seen a run in that type of epic condition.”

Smithers' local village feel

Hudson Bay as a ski hill is unique in a few ways, considering the terrain aspects Hunter mentions, but also from the village that’s weaved right into the experience.

Hudson Bay Smithers British Columbia Skiers Walking On Deck Above Clouds Midday Evan Dux SnowSeekers
Photo: Evan Dux
On a colder day, a quick warmup at Skyline Hut and you can charge right back into action.

“And to see those cabins all worked into the hill, you never see that. When you are going down the hill, you stop and you look and you say, “wow that is someone’s cabin, you ski down a little bit more and look “oh there is another one.”

(One of them happens to be the Shred Shack of Gnar, the first cabin built on the mountain and an epic story of its own). 

“You are skiing through a cabin community—that is grounding, this is the reality of this place, how things originated.

“It feels good skiing at Hudson Bay.”

Cabins line the hillsides at Hudson Bay Mountain, and each has its own story.

With Smithers’ renovated airport back to full operation, it’s easy to turn the dream of a ski trip to Smithers into reality, whether it’s by road (four hours west of Prince George) or only a 90-minute flight from YVR’s South Terminal and onto the chairlift of the #playgroundofthenorth.

Touch down in Smithers pow

Here is the Smithers Advantage: “We rolled up for the flight in our long johns, winter boots and jackets, boarded the flight and went straight up the mountain not even 20 mins from the airport.”

Feel right at home with a Smithers ski & stay getaway

She couldn’t believe the view flying in, “Hudson Bay is right there— there was an inversion going on, so there was the mountain right in the sun, with a ring of clouds below it.”

Experience the Smithers vibe Hunter describes, “in Smithers you are someone, you are recognized and greeted. You feel like you are at home and everyone around you is grateful that you are there.”

When you go

We’re excited to introduce the first of our #SkiNorthBC Google Guides – unlock the magic of Smithers winter with these suggestions to make your stay legendary!

Getting to Smithers
Air Canada offers daily flights, or you can drive a little over four hours up from Prince George. 

Ski & stay in Smithers
Where to stay? Smithers has you covered, sort through their Ski & Stay collective. This past trip SnowSeekers stayed at the well rated Aspen Inn, with dinner at the Riverhouse.

Smithers après 
Après in Smithers is spirited and social – especially the craft brewing scene! Light up your life and hit open mic nights at the Bulkley Valley Brewery or catch some live music at Smithers Brewing on Thursday nights.

Hudson Bay Mountain info
For the full lowdown on what is in store in Smithers – visit our Hudson Bay Ski Resort info.

Share your #SmithersVibes
Let us know what you find, use the hashtags #skinorthbc #smithersvibes #playgroundofthenorth in your posts!

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