Best of ski season 2021-22 in photos

Another year, another wild ride! Since the world tipped in 2020, life and skiing have been a little more unpredictable. But that’s the adventure. 

So as we prepare to launch into 2023, we’re taking a moment to reflect on what we as SnowSeekers and our snow seeking audience got up to in winter 2021-22, with a little teaser of what’s ahead.

Oh, btw, that's me above, back in 2021: ready for (almost?) anything. 

Looking back at ski season 2021 - 22

From COVID restrictions to industry changes, 2020-21 was a season of massive change for skiers and snowboarders. Many of those changes flowed through into 2021-22:

  • wider adoption of RFID cards
  • more outdoor food services (and tailgate parties)
  • more parking
  • and an influx of new skiers and snowboarders seeking out new winter activities or returning to the sport.

But at its heart, skiing and snowboarding is still about stoke, community and chasing snow. And that will never change.

So together, let's count down our Best of for 2021-22 as told through the photos and moments we captured.

10. Let's talk about Freedom

Look, we're not here for the politics. But to us, freedom looks (and feels) like this.

Jasper Alberta Marmot Basin snowboarder big air
Photo: Paul Lavoie
A snowboarder airing off T-Bar ridge at Marmot Basin, Jasper.
9. Welcome the year-round patio season

One of the biggest positives coming out of the pandemic, in our books, is embracing being together outdoors in all seasons. Winter patios were a big part of that.

Edmonton Alberta Next Act Pub winter patio Linda Hoang and friend by the fire
Photo: Dallas Curow
Linda Hoang and a friend warm up by the fire at Next Act Pub's winter patio in Edmonton.
8. Deep powder days in Alberta and BC

Winter 2021-22 was a long, epic season in Western Canada, with sweet sweet La Niña doing her best to keep the hills blanketed. And 2022-23 kicked off much the same!

(For more about the extended La Niña effect, read up on this year's Snow Forecast.)

Skiing glades Powder King BC Marty Clemens
Photo: Marty Clemens
A skier plundering Powder King's gladed glory.
7. Embracing the dark side

Beyond the Star Wars franchise, there is an incredible world to discover in the night sky, from constellations to auroras. Winter is an ideal time to do it. Northern Alberta and BC are amazing skiing and skywatching destinations, as shown in this photo near Bonnyville, AB.

Skiing under Northern Lights in Bonnyville AB Paul Lavoie
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Winter 2021-22 was also a breathtaking aurora season.
6. Troll Ski Resort celebrated 50 years

Ski resort history and community offer a rich look into Western Canada's past, and few places enjoy as rich a legacy as Troll. Read on for this blast from the past at Troll!

Troll Ski Resort tree skiing snowboarders
Photo: Bonnie Grenon
Josh and Jax rip the glades at Troll during its 50th season.
5. Appreciating the art of winter dating 

The pandemic may have blunted the "IRL" dating scene for a while, but romance is alive in winter time. This Smithers scene stole our hearts. 

Half way there!

That takes us through the first half of our count down. We hope you enjoyed the top side and you'll stick around after this brief intermission. This is your chance to grab a snack or a bevvy, and then continue on. 


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