9 reasons for Snow Seekers to embrace spring


When the winter season is flirting with spring, it’s time to seize every chance you can to hit the snow. 

Our #SeekersAmbassadors Crew has been out there giving us some stoke and inspiration to make the most of winter and spring fun while we can. After all, some of the best times you can have in ski and snowboard season are happening right now.

Read on for 9 ways to appreciate the late season.

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1. Showing off gets easier. You’ve got your ski legs by now. No fear showing off a little under the chair lift.


2. Longer days for ski dates. As spring days lengthen, you don’t have to rush out right after work to catch some daylight, or a date night on the skinny skis.


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3. Spring skiing is an unbeatable mental boost. Nothing beats relishing in the alpine sunrise for a mental health boost just as the chairs start turning.

4. You can prime your legs for bike season. Looking forward to summer? You can get your legs moving and prepped for mountain bike season now.

5. You can score great deals. Late-season deals means you can restock or add to your gear and grab every last second of joy for the next few weeks.

6. Seasons in transition reveal nature's beauty. Those last looks at frozen waterfalls before they start rushing again remind you of the power of nature.


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7. Short hikes on bluebird days deliver big payoffs. A little boot-up here and there and you can appreciate every last second of those beautiful snow-capped views and blue skies.

8. There are still some big snow days for the taking. Watching a forecast like a hawk pays off so you can take a ‘siiiiiiick’ day to catch fresh lines.


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9. Enjoy the seasonal overlap. This is a rare time of year where snow and flowers, sunshine, and powder, all live in harmony.

Share your late-season snow stoke with us, too! Tag @SnowSeekers on Facebook and Instagram and @IamASnowSeeker on Twitter to join in.

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