6 easy tips to turn your child into a skier or rider

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Make this the season to introduce the little ones to the joys of the mountains in winter. Whether you are a parent, an aunt, uncle, grandma or grandpa, getting kids to love skiing or riding can be a challenge. All the winter clothing, the clunking around in heavy boots and strapping boards to their little feet. And that’s before we tell them to cling to a lift before launching them down a snow-covered slope. That doesn’t sound fun, but we know it is. We just have to show them in baby steps that it is. Here’s our top ways to get the youngsters excited about winter adventures.

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  1. Let the little one help pick the warm gear

The skis and boards don’t need to be the best gear for first timers, but keeping them warm is important. Make sure they have excellent layers of weather protection. And, let them join in on the selection of some of the gear. If they want unicorns on their helmet … let there be unicorns.

  1. Do a dry run at home

Practice putting on all the gear at home to make the effort at the slope more routine. Stomp around the yard bundled up with the boots, helmet and goggles to give them a chance to get accustom to the bulk. Have a snowball fight to increase the fun-factor. Learn how to get ready for the ski season here.

  1. Make the first trips to the slopes epic by picking weather-friendly days

Minus 20, blowing snow and flat light sucks, so why dump a first-timer into conditions like that? Pick a sunny day and head to the closest community slope or bunny slope and pump up that fun-factor with easy games and loads of treats. Make them want to come back for more fun. Need to know how to pack for the slopes? Get great tips here.

  1. Expect NOTHING – keep the expectations low

It’s still all about that fun-factor.

  1. Invest in lessons

We know you are an excellent boarder or skier, but here’s the good thing about putting the little one in lessons. First, we all know kids listen to cool instructors that are trained to have lesson tricks up their parka sleeve. Second, your child is surrounded by peers and they will egg each other on. Third, kids tend to whine less when they are with an instructor and other kids. And, sorry but, maybe you don’t know everything about your sport. Junior may come home with some awesome hints for you too.

Learn about lessons at these awesome resorts:

  1. Safety

If you do take the tots for a rip, make sure they are safe. Invest in a restraining device like a Lil Ripper Gripper harness or at least use the dog’s retractable leash to keep that precious pre-Olympia safe until turns, speed and stops are controlled.

Find out info about learn to ski programs at these resorts:

It won’t be long until one day, you stop in your tracks and realize you are no longer a better skier/boarder than your kid. And to think, all it took was a little planning, patients and hot chocolate.

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Stay connected this season on everything winter, please sign up for our SnowSeekers e-news

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