Packing for the slopes

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You are finally sitting in the gondola after a frantic dash to the mountain. Sweat is dripping down your spine from running across the parking lot in unbuckled ski boots totting your gear that toppled from your shoulder with every stride. A deep breath before you start putting on helmets, gloves, goggles "Goggles? Damn it. Where are your freakin'’ goggles!"

Keeping your gear or the entire family's gear organized and ready to roll, makes it easy to do the morning dash without forgetting anything. But the organizing can start on the last trip to the mountains. By following a routine, you won'’t lose or forget things nearly as much. The following tips can help you get into the routine.

Start with the storage. We all dream of a garage that fits it all but ... that’'s a dream.

Storing Skis in a Garage

Buy some great big plastic storage bins for the boots and store them in the basement. If you can fit the bin in the back of your vehicle, great. Take the whole thing to the slopes. Put the boots back in as soon as you are done for the day. The water drips into the bin and not into the vehicle. If you can't take the bin, leave it at the door, so the boots go in there before into the storage room.

Buy another big bin for your gear. Mitts, gloves, helmets, goggles, jackets, pants –and stuff ‘'em in and take the bin. After you finish the last run, toss the gear in for a tidy ride home. Back home, dry it all out before putting it all in storage. If you are really organized, you will confirm it's all there before putting it away, so that next epic snow adventure is not tarnished by a forgotten jacket, mitt or boot.

Other Organizational Hacks:

After you finish skiing for the day:

– Use the chin strap on your helmet to clip your goggles into a lovely nest so they are ready for the next adventure.

How to store your ski gear

– Take your gloves off, dry them out – then clip them together. A single glove is as useless as a single sock. Gloves clipped together are harder to lose too.

– Store the skis, boards and poles in one spot. Build or buy a rack and put it as close to the vehicle as possible.

– And finally, buy toe/hand warmers in bulk and store the box with your boots. Toss a few in your boots to be ready for the next trip out.

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