5 reasons why winter 2021 could be great

Exploring the great outdoors isn't limited to the warmer months. It's just as fun, and just as good for your body, to get outside during winter. We're especially stoked on this upcoming season, and we want to share just a few reasons why this is the year to spend more time outside in the snow. 

You can exercise smarter, not harder

A group of people nordic ski with their dog in Lac La Biche
Photo: Jeremy Derksen

Exercising can be as easy as grabbing your nordic skis and hitting the trails, like those in Lac La Biche. 

Not everybody wants to exercise outside in the cold during the winter months, but that actually might be the best way to burn those calories, according to a 2017 study that shows you burn more at lower temperatures. Because your body has to work harder to keep you warm, you use more overall energy! Isn't science fun? 

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It has mental benefits, too

Close up of feet snowshoeing in Quesnel BC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

Snowshoeing in Quesnel, BC is a great way to get active outdoors this winter. 

Not only is it good for you physically to go outside in the winter, but it's also great for your immune system and your brain. Just like in the summer months, forest bathing, or in Japanese, "Shinrinyoku," has been linked to an improved immune system. Another study notes that just being outside can improve your memory, and this effect is equally as beneficial in the winter as it is in the summer. Getting outside just seems to make you smarter and stronger!

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You might be in for some epic snowfalls

According to the Farmers' Almanac, it's going to be a winter filled with snow for interior BC and Alberta. That's great news for skiers, snowboarders, snowshoe enthusiasts, and everybody who loves their winter sports! 

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Your home town resort will be a locals hill (and less busy, too)

Some snowboarders walking in Castle Mountain to hit the slopes
Photo: Nick Nault

You can have the hill all to yourself and fellow province locals, like Castle Mountain in Alberta. 

Tons of ski hills plan to open for the winter season, and with international travel restrictions, that means your local hill is open and ready for a tourist-free winter. We love visitors coming from far and wide to see Alberta and BC, but while we can't have them back quite yet, it's the perfect opportunity to get out and hit the hills we love (all with a little more room to maneuver). 

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Getting outside helps combat SAD

A view of a mountain in Smithers BC
Photo: Jeremy Allen

How can you look at this view in Smithers, BC, and not feel a little happier?

SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is something lots of people experience in the winter months. Even though we love the snow, winter also comes with shorter days, less sunlight, and much colder temperatures that aren't always fun. One of the main ways to combat this? Get outside, even if it isn't warm! Something as easy as a short walk can help combat SAD, but will everything to experience in Alberta and BC, checking out local attractions is a great way to combat the SADness. 

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