Welcome to Alberta. Welcome to a winter wonderland! Are you looking to feel more connected to Alberta winter culture? It's easier than you think.

Skiing and snowboarding is an essential part of enjoying Alberta's winters. When it's -15 outside you can look forward to all that fresh snow and ultimately a fresh experience - growing confidence in all things Canadian.

So you say you could never ski, or snowboard?  Did you know in many of Alberta's ski resorts and areas have instructors who speak a wide array of languages? Did you know there are women's camps? Or that by becoming a skier or a snowboarder it will help you make new friends and build a network in Western Canada.

Welcome to Alberta - we welcome you to be a #NewSkiAB participant.

Linda Hoang has just what you need to unlock some of winter's best experiences in Alberta.

Watch First-timers discover the joy of skiing’s spills and thrills at Nakiska #NewSkiAB on YouTube.

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Lake Louise Mountain Resort #SkiLouise

In the heart of the Canadian Rockies, there is a reason people come here and rank it one of the best views they have ever seen. Find rental information here.

Nakiska Ski Resort #SkiClose

This ski and snowboard destination was built specifically to host the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics and is only 45 minutes from Calgary. Find rental information here.

Snow Valley #SVMemoryMakers

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the heart of Edmonton. Get out on the slopes close to home. Find rental information here.

WinSport #WinSport

Learn the basics in Calgary that will help you learn to tackle the Canadian Rockies on skis. Find rental information here.

More Winter Activities in Alberta

It's not all downhill skiing and snowboarding at Alberta's resorts, many offer snow tubing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and other experiences that will leave you feeling accomplished and more connected to Alberta. 

Watch New to Winter in Alberta? Lake Louise Ski Resort makes it easy #NewSkiAB on YouTube.

Do you have an appetite to try something new and challenge yourself in a new way this winter? Skiing or boarding is a great way to amp up your physical fitness level. If you can climb a flight of stairs, you can do this. Remember there are chairlifts and magic carpets to get you to the top of the hill!


Ask a friend or a family member to come along with you to try skiing or snowboarding. It’s way more fun when you’re with someone you know. Don’t worry if you show up alone, especially if you are there to take a ski or snowboard lesson. No doubt you’ll meet a few new friends in the class.


Here are the basics for staying comfy and warm:

  • Good socks are key, but not wool because they can be itchy.
  • Quality gloves. It’s wise to spend a bit more so your fingers stay warm.
  • Your base layer should be some soft long underwear, a top and bottom, piece, perhaps in a nice, cosy, merino wool. You can buy this at MEC or Mark’s Work Warehouse.
  • Your final layers (it’s all about layering!) should be another top, a ski jacket, ski pants, a neck warmer, goggles, and a helmet. You’re all set for the slopes now!


Next, you’ll need a skiing destination. But before you go, you might just want to get a feel for what it’s like to be at a ski hill - perhaps start with a short visit to a resort. You could go for lunch at WinSport in Calgary for starters. But if you’re up for a longer day, take a weekend drive to Nakiska or Lake Louise. Both resorts will sell you a gondola-only pass so you can have a look around and get the lay of the land. You could even go for a little snowshoe session to get you primed for your first day of skiing.

Let us know what you find on your ski or boarding adventures. Use #NewSkiAB and you might be featured on SnowSeekers’ and/or our partners social media channels

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