Welcome home your Amazing Olympic Athletes


Welcome home your Amazing Olympic Athletes

By SnowSeekers via Joanne Elves

It’s hard to be humble when you are so proud of the athletes who represented Canada at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. These athletes are bringing home more Olympic medals than any other winter since the Winter Olympic Games started in 1924.

Did you know that Calgary could possibly be hosting the 2026 Olympic Games? Learn more here.

Instead of being the humble Canadian, paint your face red and white, make a banner, grab your buddies and march off to the airport to wave that Canada flag while you welcome home the athletes. Who cares if there are medals dangling from their necks – there were 225 athletes wearing the maple leaf who did us proud.

After the closing ceremonies on Sunday, they will be packing up their gear and heading home. Who is coming to an airport near you? Let’s take a look.


February 26 - Monday morning at 10:30 get those flags flapping for athletes including Patrick Chan wearing GOLD for a stunning last event on the figure skating ice, Brittany Phelan for a sweet SILVER in ski cross and Megan Agosta wearing SILVER for a kickass tournament of hockey.

Dozens of other athletes will spill through the International gates at YVR to either stay or connect to other cities. Watch for snowboarders Spenser O’Brien and Zoe Bergermann, ski cross David Duncan, curler Rachel Holman and dozens more.


February 26 – Monday afternoon at 3:08 Edmonton will welcome home BRONZE Medal winner, Kaetlyn Osmond and Neville Wright from the bobsleigh team. Hang around to welcome SILVER Medal women’s hockey team member Shannon Szabados. The return times for the Ladies curing team from Edmonton have not been posted, yet.


February 26 - Wow Calgary, you have a cluster of athletes all arriving at 3:28 or 3:50 in the afternoon. Get the banners ready for GOLD medal winner in ski cross, Brady Leman and Ted-Jan Bloemen with his GOLD medal in speed skating. Don’t forget to cheer on John Morris for winning the first GOLD medal in mixed doubles curling and bobsledder Kaillie Humphries with her BRONZE.

Other athletes to watch for at YYC include; snowboarders Sebastien Toutant and Max Parrot, freestyle skiers Olivier Rochon, Evan McEachran and Lewis Irving, Brianne Jenner, Sarah Nurse and Rebecca Johnston for women’s hockey, and so many more.

With so many athletes arriving in Vancouver or Calgary before heading to their hometowns, it looks like its going to be party central at #YVR, #YEG and #YYC.

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More information from COC

With over 200 athletes, you need to stay on top of the arrivals. Go to the Canadian Olympic Team Official Website to get more details.

Don’t forget to watch for the 2018 Paralympic Games in PyeongChang starting on March 8th.

From all of us at #SnowSeekers – congrats #TeamCanada – you’ve done us proud and whether you are coming home with a medal or not, you inspire us!

Did you know that Calgary could possibly be hosting the 2026 Olympic Games? Learn more here.