Wake Up Calgary! Rise to the #Calgary2026 Occasion


Wake Up Calgary! Rise to the #Calgary2026 Occasion

By Doc Pow

You know this topic is trending around the world eh? The world is watching, so why don’t we harness it with something more positive, than negative!

It’s been just about eight weeks now that I have been involved in helping to welcome the world via #Calgary2026.

Today is Oct 30, 2018 – the eve of what is expected – the opportunity to proceed to the plebiscite and just let Calgary decide this November.

Why so much behind the scenes? Just let hard working people vote and allow the plebiscite to occur.

For 10 years now, we here @SnowSeekers have welcomed the world to come play in Alberta and BC’s snow filled destinations. I founded the company to ensure more people could find the most amazing winter places. We support the games as a win for the future. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to be out with the mega-horn doing whatever we can to help allow the vote.

Why do we/I care?

Time and time again we have seen youth and adults become a new person when they learn to ski or snowboard. @SnowSeekers we KNOW enrollment of winter sport increases, it happened post Vancouver 2010 and Calgary ’88.

The Rise of the Creative Class; SnowSeekers wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the 2010 games. That’s right, our big break came when Travel Alberta called us to make daily YouTube videos in January 2010 of the Olympic Torch through the province.

Folks like Sixty4Media, Chris Wheeler Media, Powder Matt and others all attribute the games to be their moment that allowed them to take things from a white page and make it their life.

A grounds for change; #Calgary2026 can be THE mark that leaves the world’s most established sports “brand” - the Olympics – forever evolved into the 21st Century. The Calgary 2026 Olympics and Paralympic bid is a good bid and is a great deal for Canada.

Join us tomorrow – stand up for the deal - welcome $5.2 Billion of investment into Alberta –

Calgary City Hall 9am – wear red and bring three friends – so you can all be a part of history together.