Spring skiing dreams come true


We may love our winter skiing, but spring snow can really amp up the fun factor.

Places like Marmot can make all of our spring skiing dreams come true. And 60cms of snow only adds to our glee.

Watch Marmot Basin: Look at the Terrain on YouTube.

Check out these videos and photos here to get inspired to schedule in some terrific tracks of your own.

World class spring skiing at Marmot Basin in Jasper AB
Photo: Ricky Forbes

Over 60 cm of fresh in a week?! Count me in. Marmot Basin is an epic hill throughout the winter, but it's also known for its legendary spring skiing. When the spring snow slows down at other ski hills, it is usually puking here. Get out to the Canadian Rockies and get your fresh tracks at Marmot this spring. Locals' tip: Make sure to get that Marmot Escape Card for great deals. 

Watch Epic Atmosphere at Marmot Basin on YouTube.

As soon as we arrived at the hill you could just feel the good vibes. People cheering, music playing, and the staff were full of smiles. How could you not be?! And it got better! As we made laps, skiers and snowboarders of all ages were all over the hill hooting and hollering in the epic snow. The mid-hill patio was packed with cheery patrons and there was a massive Pride parade that only added to the good time. This place has a super warm and inviting vibe; it's a place where you can have a solid time.

Watch Interview with Trish on YouTube.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to ride beside our Marmot guide and local expert, Trish Berg. Every lap we found fresh tracks - steeps, deeps and all levels of terrain. I loved it. Marmot is legendary for its great spring skiing, and it’s only just begun! Skiers and snowboarders will find world-class riding late into spring here in the Canadian Rockies. Locals' tip: Make sure to get your Marmot Escape Card and save 50 per cent every time! Get it here: www.Escape.SkiMarmot.com.

The bond of skiing at Marmot Basin in Jasper Alberta
Photo: Ricky Forbes

The brotherhood and sisterhood of double or single plankers creates a special bond. We are out there battling the elements, pushing our limits and enjoying life. We hiked up Peak Run for epic laps with a great crew who we had just met but instantly shared common ground and had a lot of laughs. 

As we made our way down, we came across the Women's Snowboard Federation. It was so rad seeing women of all ages getting together to shred and support each other. It's hard not to make friends on a ski hill like this.

Knob Hill Cliff Drop at Marmot Basin in Jasper Alberta
Photo: Ricky Forbes

Snowboarding is an outlet for me to escape and explore, but in trying moments it also tests me. Moments before this shot I was looking over the cliff in fear, but I knew I needed to tackle this obstacle. So, as I do in moments where fear washes over me, I push back. I visualize the hit, walk myself through each step, and next thing I know I am hitting the biggest cliff I have ever dropped. There's a quote that goes something along the lines of this: "Maybe the meaning of life is seeking moments where you feel truly alive." In this moment I felt truly alive. Thanks Marmot!

While You're In Jasper

Sky tram in Jasper Alberta

Some of the best views in the area are at the top of the Jasper SkyTram, opening March 24. Get out here for a ski vacay and make sure to take an afternoon off if only for these jaw-dropping views. Located at Whistlers Mountain, The Jasper Skytram is the highest and longest aerial tramway in Canada. It was built in 1964 and goes to a height of 2,277 metres above sea level. The coolest part? There's a guide on every lift to fill you in on all the info and show you all of the cool spots. It's one way to experience the Canadian Rockies like never before.

If you go

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