So far it’s a hella fun #SkiNorthBC ride - says you

Snow is falling, mid-season is upon us and the snowpack is pilling high in BC’s North!

Take a look through some of the #SkiNorthBC highlights from your fellow #SnowSeekers over the last month.

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In Wells, they're a little different

Skiing on trees? Scree skiing? Whatever, looks like great fun.

Too cute for words

(Well that was an easy excuse.) Wanna get cute too? Find snowy romance in Smithers.

Nothing to see here

Just another ski hill sunrise at Hudson Bay Mountain... mind the inversion and find some skiing soul at this northern beauty.


One of us! One of us!

So rad to have HBMR pro Claire Challen as a SnowSeekers contributor! Now there’s someone who knows how to SkiNorthBC.

"Top day" at Powder King

50cm? Yeah, looks like it! 


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Love the family fun!

Hard to beat skiing as a winter activity for the family. That's it, that's the comment.

Something’s fishy…

@Trouthustler and his son Jax ripped it up for the SnowSeekers cams recently at Troll Ski Resort. Here they are in action again!


A post shared by Josh (@trouthustler)

Breathe in the forest

Need some zen? Check this out. And you can read more on forest breathing here, if that’s your thing (between ski runs). 

Getting along like a barrel on fire

We love taking time for friends on the mountain - here’s how to do it.




Catch the A-frame to PK

A stay at Azouzetta Lake Lodge makes catching PK powder days easy. We don't want to say "we told you so" but if you read this story, then... we told you so.

Shred the Nar

The “g” is... not silent. (With apologies to Mor"g"an!)

Release the drone

A little #bts with SnowSeekers ace Jake Daly. 


A post shared by Jake Daly (@jdclimbtree)

Working hard? Or…

Tough job @wilderxness (AKA SnowSeekers publisher Jeremy Derksen) has.

Nap time in the snow

Goodnight, fam… until next time! 

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