The snow is piling up in British Columbia

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There are many good reasons to catch the early bird specials at Whistler Blackcomb. Here are some screen grabs to tempt you to head to Whistler and the rest of the BC's ski regions this winter.

More than likely, people in the Caribbean are shuddering at the thought of this, but anyone planning a ski vacation to the western provinces of Canada is doing the happy dance. Whistler Blackcomb just reported 45 centimetres of snow fell in the last two days. Check out the screenshot of the forecast. Another 50-75 centimetres is expected by week’s end, for a week total of just over a metre of seven days! With all this white stuff falling, Whistler Blackcomb has decided to get its chairs spinning, for an early opening this year. Get ready because the fun starts on Friday, Nov. 17. 

It's always good news when the snow cam is covered in snow. Over at the Pig Alley Weather Station on Whistler Mountain, there is already a snow base of one metre of snow.

What do you see? I see a dreamy landscape. I see the chairlift rising from fog swirling around Whistler Blackcomb Village. I see me jumping off the chair and heading for some sweet powder-filled glades. Shhhh. Don’t wake me.

Kicking Horse near Golden B.C. is well on its way to a bucking good season. More than 21 cm fell in the past 24 hours with a promise of more in the next few days. It is looking like the Dec. 8  will be opening day, perfect for the powder ponies.

Take a good look at those trees that currently have a light dusting of snow on them at the top of SilverStar Mountain Resort near Vernon, B.C. It won’t be long until they have their thick winter coats that make them look like otherworldly. They're called “snow ghosts.” The humidity at the top of the mountain makes the moisture stick like glue until the original shape is lost under a mountain of ice. Stay tuned throughout the season. We will happily be posting photos of the beautiful formations.

Dust off those chairs please! It looks like we’ve got some skiing to do! Kimberley Mountain Resort, near Cranbrook, just got a big 'ol dump of white stuff with another 20 centimetres in the forecase before the weekend. If this keeps up, the December 9th opening day will be epic!

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