Seekers Media announces 2014/15 Team of Content Producers

Seekers Media announces 2014/15 Team of Content Producers

EDMONTON, Sept.19 - Seekers Media is proud to announce its 2015 roster of content producers. Our team includes some of North America’s leading travel and adventure media producers, who will be working with Seekers Media to not only produce great content, but also amplify reach through their social media channels.

In addition, as part of our relationship with these producers, they also have the capability to help bring our partners additional coverage in other North American media outlets. 

Introducing our production team for 2014 and 2015:

Crai Bower (Seattle) – Crai is a media producer and hosts a weekly travel talk show on National Public Radio with Europe’s Rick Steves. You will find his stories Forbe’s Magazine,, National Geographic Traveller, and dozens of regional and daily newspapers and in-flight magazines.

Liz Fleming (Toronto) – Liz’s passion for writing started early and over the years her talents have led her to become one of Canada’s leading content producers. Next to Seekers Media, you’ll find Liz’s engaging stories in the pages of the Toronto Star and many other leading media outlets.

Lisa Monforton (Calgary) – As our Editor-in-Chief, Lisa ensures our content objectives are met with our partners and brings decades of writing and editing career to the table with many leading media outlets. 

Mark Sissons (Vancouver) – National Geographic Traveler, The Huffington Post, the Vancouver Sun and many other media outlets rely on Mark’s first person content to help drive audience interest to destinations around the world.

Rounding out our squad are more experienced and well-known writers, including Shelley Arnusch, Joanne Elves, Lisa Kadane, Paula Worthington, John Korobanik, Doc Pow and more. 

Seekers Media expands its video production by welcoming: 

Chris Wheeler (Whistler) – For 106 days Chris adventured across Canada producing daily social media short form videos on the progress of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, working with The Canadian Tourism Commission, Coke-Cola and RBC. Chris has now become one of Canada’s leading video and social media producers. Chris joins Doc Pow, Dan Wilberg and Kris Wedgewood.

Social media is also a key focus to Seekers Media operations.

Allison Markin (Penticton) – joins Seekers Media as a coach for social media and content manager Nancy Shields, and a 10-person network of Seekers Media social media reporters sprinkled across Alberta and BC. Allison is a social media professor at Okanagan College with a social media prowess that led to Penticton generating so much Facebook attention that it was identified as a top ten most talked about destination in 2013 by the Huffington Post.

For more about our team of producers, please visit the team section to our website,