Ode to the POW

Here is an “Ode to the POW” and an invitation for snow seekers to stay in this WOW by bookmarking SnowSeekers’ Snow Conditions Page.

We all have stories of those days where the snow conditions seemed like they were a dream. If you don’t have a story like this yet, SnowSeekers can help get you there.

Know where the snow is for the rest of your life, live through SnowSeekers snow conditions page, offering Western Canada’s sole round up website to Alberta and B.C.’s latest snow and powder conditions.

Skiing at Powder King
Photo: Doc Pow

Picture this…

Winter season 1998/99, La Nina at its best and the season that Mount Baker sets a world record (which still stands today) for the deepest resort snowpack ever (95 feet/29 metres, a total of 1,140 inches). This year was the start of my career in the ski industry working at Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. 

As sales and marketing manager, I had direct lines into the ski patrol who on this particular Monday in January were working to dig the resort out after another MEGA blizzard. With 78 cms (over 2.5 feet) of fresh POW on the slopes, they made the call to open up that night. I called my buddy Mike Brownlie and said, “Dude, you’ve got two hours to get up here. They are opening tonight, drop everything and get here now!”

He arrived in time and both of us went out for our second time snowboarding ever, after years of skiing. 

It was age regression at its finest. The night of POW left such an impression, from that day forward, I didn’t put on a pair of skis for 12 years, just a snowboard. In those 12 years, I spent it seeking that powder snow feeling again because the impression I was left with that night was one providing inspiration to founding  SnowSeekers.

I want you to feel like a kid again; follow our snow conditions page so we can get you there.

Photo: @fishseye3 on Instagram

I want you to feel like a kid again so follow our snow conditions page and we can get you there.

Once you get the taste of what a true powder day feels like, it will keep coming back to the slopes for the rest of your life.  A life on snow will keep you young at heart, engaged in life and loving every minute of it!

I’ve shared my story, its time you shared yours, here’s an invite to jump on our Facebook page and let us know your ultimate powder day story.


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