Marmot Basin and Jasper are literally all yours

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By DOC POW for #SkiNorthAB

Jasper, AB. – #DYK Jasper, Alberta Canada is one of the only five places on the planet earth that McDonald’s went bankrupt and had to close its doors because the locals didn’t support it? This is my kind of place, this is #MyJasper.

@ApresWheeler and I recently hooked up with a few locals and guests at the Canadian Rockies alpine mecca to get the scoop on why Jasper and its ski destination, Marmot Basin, make for the perfect Spring Break escape.

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Marmot and Jasper together play “ying” to each other’s “yang.” Marmot is home to an abundance of blockbuster runs and features that your whole crew will dig. Chris Peel is Marmot’s FreeRide Ski Club head coach and has been a local here on and off for over 18 years.

Marmot basin jasper
Photo: Doc Pow

Here’s his top three reasons why Marmot is a great choice for your family and friends:

  1. There is a green or blue run off every chair, including the Canadian Rockies Express (the CRE as it’s known locally). This quad chair shuttles you up to the saddle of Marmot Peak, providing views that overlook the town of Jasper 20kms down the road.

  2. All of the runs funnel down to the parking lot providing easy to access your car. This also helps keep your group together, reducing the chance of losing each other at the end of a run.

  3. Peel says, “Wait untill your kids get a load of the tree runs that weave through the lower half of the mountain – Troll Cave, the Dragon’s Den, Caribou Cliffs, all names the kids have come up with over the years.”

marmot basin jasper
Photo: Doc Pow

Whether you are with your family or not, another thing I’m a HUGE fan of is the fact Marmot is all yours. You’ll never spend more than a couple of minutes in line for the lift, whereas you can wait 20-90 minutes per run in the popular southern resorts.  Marmot is totally different when it comes to lift lines, just ski here mid-week and see what we mean. Regardless of an epic POW day or not, you will literally have the place all to yourself. Click into some of Marmot’s snow-filled adventures and own the place.

Kids in Jasper
Photo: Doc Pow

Commit the family or yourself to one of Marmot’s clubs. With the next sessions starting in February, sign up for a five-day program (offered every Sunday), where your child (or your inner child) will be out on the slopes free of all worries. “Thought free with no hassle." Learn more.

With the kid(s) in camp, perhaps it’s time you drop into one of Marmot’s double diamond adventure tours and experience the new skiable terrain, Tres Hombres.

For Grande Prairie resident, Devon Onwuachi bringing three kids here for their ski adventure was a no brainer. “I find that Jasper and Marmot are way more family-friendly then some of the other resorts.”

Onwuachi had her younger kids enrolled in one of the camps mentioned above, meaning her and her older daughter could head up to see the spectacular sights higher up the mountain.

“I’m not overly trusting with others watching my kids, so when we took off for the first time, I was a bit nervous for them, thinking they might have been crying and losing it, but instead when we got back at lunch, they were all high fives and laughing with the instructors.”

Dow Pow’s Top Jasper Tips

There’s lots of options when you get to Jasper, so here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your #MyJasper experience:

  • Breakfast at Coco’s – Coco’s Café is a restaurant built for the ski and rider crowd; my favourite is the Groomer’s Breakfast and of course, what Coco's is famous for, the breakfast wrap (secret homemade sauce and all).
marmot basin jasper
Photo: Doc Pow
  • Apres – get in a swim. If you are staying at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, check out the outdoor pool. Otherwise, check out the Jasper Fitness & Aquatic Centre (next to a swim, you can get an indoor climb in too).
  • Dinner or night time adventures – pack up the kids (or leave them back at the ranch) and experience the Jasper Brew Pub & Eatery (dive into a Blackeye Blueberry Vanilla Ale and send your spirit soaring).

Tourism Jasper will help get you here. Learn more.

Marmot Basin will keep you here via their escape membership.

Marmot Basin is open until May 5, and has a whole list of great spring events happening, find out what here.

Learn more about what Northern Alberta has in store for you this winter visiting our #SkiNorthAB page, where more stories and videos will be coming out all season long.

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