The magic makers at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort

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Kinosoo Ridge is a ski and snowboard destination that makes magic happen almost hourly, every single day. For Kinosoo camp goer, Cohen Petranic, the magic-making efforts helped make his "best day ever."

But that's just something you'll you'll hear regularly at Kinosoo, which is owned by the MD of Bonnyville in eastern Alberta. 

As a long-time ski and snowboard enthusiast, it’s incredible to visit a destination where the ski and ride learning process is so apparent. Kinosoo’s setup for learning to slide on snow is exceptional with its gentle slopes and no-stress vibe – but don’t think you have to be testing those legs out all day. The resort also features a great tube park and is just the ticket for a post-lesson magic carpet ride. It’s the magic they offer in their service that might also make it one of the best days ever for all the parents or the snow-seeking aunts and uncles out there.

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Behind the scenes: As you’ll see in the video, we spent the day “shadowing” five-year-old Cohen, as he experienced the Kinosoo Kids Ride and Slide day camp. It’s awe-inspiring to watch as kids - or adults for that matter - learn or become a better skier. I consider myself fortunate as a SnowSeekers story-teller, to share the story with you.

The confidence someone can gain in one day is striking; you can just see it in their eyes. That's the beauty of the Kinosoo camps, but it’s even better when you get to see them out having fun on the hill, just the kids and their new-found buddies.

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As you can see from the video in this story, Petranic is stoked by the experience of being with a few new friends, minus the parents, enjoying this growing ski and snowboard destination right outside of Cold Lake.

Kinosoo Ridge
Photo: Doc Pow

Kinosoo snow school supervisor, Corie Martyniuk and her band of magic men and women – instructors – are always keen to get families out on their next awesome ski adventure. Parents, with the kids in camp, consider this your escape for a little "me" time on the slopes. 

“It’s a really positive experience. The kids make instant friends, learn or better their skiing or riding together, and it becomes way less intimidating,” says Martyniuk. “In most of our camps after an hour and a half lesson, they all do lunch together and then hit our tube park.”

Kinosoo Ridge
Photo: Doc Pow

“It was a little nerve racking,” says Cohen’s mom, Tricia. “Not from leaving him, but (I was) more concerned of a bad attitude; he likes to do everything fast, no control. But what we find is that Cohen will always listen better with an instructor.”

Tricia says there's another upside, too. It's been great for she and her husband to enjoy their own day on the slopes followed by a beverage at Kinosoo’s adults-only day lodge lounge.

“The day started by explaining to Cohen that if he listened well, he could be a better skier than his dad.”

Read about Kinosoo's 10-year future plan to discover why there will be no dust collecting on any skis around here.

Kinosoo Ridge
Photo: Doc Pow

Kinosoo’s menu of offerings is full, including a tube park, two chairlifts, two magic carpets, a wicked food menu (try of the chicken Parmesan or the homemade veggie bean burgers) and a winter events line-up that will keep coming back for more. 

When You Go

Kinosoo is set on Cold Lake making it convenient to pair your time on the slopes with a stay at the Hamilton House B&B. Brian and Rhonda Hamilton are your hosts for not only a great stay, but can also get you and your crew on the ice for a little fishing.

Picture this awesome day for the family: hitting the ice for après and catching dinner with a successful day of fishing. It can happen – start here.

Make some magic happen for the whole family and sign up for one of Kinosoo’s Ski and Snowboard camps (kids and/or adults) and click in for the best day ever.

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