Dream sequence or, where would you rather be right now?

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Drifting down Revelstoke in epic pow. Jumping from a helicopter in backcountry BC. Skiing through the trees in Northern BC. Ahhhh last winter was a great season of skiing. Those memories were drifting though my head while sitting in the backyard with my eyes shut, listening to the birds in the trees and feeling that warm summer sunshine felt great. But the guy in the next yard cranked up the two-stroke lawn mower and ruined my daydreaming.

Slamming my ears shut on his din, I imagine the noise is the helicopter lifting, leaving us behind to find our own lines through the snow. Finding the best trails, the best powder and epic adventures.

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Here's a bit of what was going though my head.

Stuff like dropping from a helicopter in no-name BC. Who ever invented Go-Pro opened the door for all of us to become armchair athletes. Check this Go-Pro flick by Travis Rice in the back country of BC.

You gotta love it when film crews come up to our backyard and go home to create YouTube video to show the world how awesome it is here. Revelstoke with lots of fresh pow on a bluebird day puts smiles on the faces of anyone heading up the lift or lucky enough to be stepping into a helicopter.

Chris Wheeler captured the essence of the remote BC resorts in his #SkiNorthBC video this winter up at Shames. He says what they were filming was, “Just an average day.”

This video is only 11 seconds long but if you play it continuously it’s like a dream sequence of deep pow. How come Hudson Bay Mountain isn't on everyone's winter radar?

And finally, there is the best street skiing segment ever by Sherpa Cinema featuring the talents of JP Auclair. JP’'s abilities to roll over trucks, ski down flights of stairs, flip over sheds, navigate gutters, clotheslines and dirty melting drifts through the streets of Nelson, B.C. is classic. Sadly, we lost the man while filming a ski movie segment in Chile in 2014. This video just makes you want to be a kid again.

Early predictions for the winter of 2017/18 is for a weak el nino and a possibly strong pineapple express starting and that brings more precipitation for the Rocky Mountains. So...keep dreaming.

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